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Zahran Manley is one of the best high school football prospects in the nation! The rising senior from Southern California is highly recruited and holds offers from several big time Universities including the University of Nevada, Missouri, Brigham Young, Boise State, Arizona State, and the University of California, Berkeley. This star recruit recently just committed to Cal and still has a season to play. Zahran is a scary prospect, and at 6'2 at cornerback, and it's easy to see why this kid is a 3 star prospect! Zahran currently plays at Upland High School and was Cal's first commitment in their 2019 class. Look for this kid to make an impact early and you might be hearing this name for a long time!

Zahran Manley Cal Commit
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We talked with Zahran Manley in an exclusive interview, check it out below!

Question: How did you get started playing your sport?

Manley: I began playing football my Freshman year of highschool. Soccer was my first sport. I played that for about 10 years until my 8th grade year.

Question: What advice would you give to young people looking to become great in their sport?

Manley: Honestly, your preparation for all sports is different, but whatever it is, just stay consistent with it. Be consistent with your preparation, especially in terms of your diet, training and working out

Question: Who are some of your biggest influences/players in your sport that you've grown up watching?

Manley: I really enjoy watching Jalen Ramsey play. I enjoy watching his technique and I watch a lot of his film.

Zahran Manley - Damien High School

Question: What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Manley: Getting beat on a certain route, and letting the receiver catch the ball on me. I just try and figure out what it was on that play that I did wrong, especially in terms of technique.

Question: What motivates you?

Manley: I like being dominant on the field, and I want to be the best at my position. I want to prove that I’m the best.

Question: What are some of your goals for the upcoming season?

Manley: My goals for this upcoming season is to be a more dominant cornerback. I want to make bigger plays, become a more natural tackler, and turn my pass breakups into interceptions.

Question: How do you define success?

Manley: I define success as becoming the best at what you enjoy doing.

Question: What is your greatest athletic accomplishment?

Manley: My greatest athletic accomplishment is probably earning an offer to my dream school, The University of California, Berkeley, and deciding to continue my athletic and academic career there.

Question: Do you believe there is a formula to being a successful athlete?

Manley: Consistency in preparation and taking proper care of your body.

Zahran Manley Commits to Cal

Question: Who is your greatest inspiration?

Manley: I’d say my Mom and Dad because of their work ethic and all that they do to provide for their family.

Question: What is your favorite aspect of being an athlete?

Manley: My favorite aspect is seeing all the hard work pay off during the game.

Question: What is some of the music that you listen to to get ready for games?

Manley: A lot of rap music. Migos, Future, etc.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Manley: I see myself as a successful student athlete, who after my time in college is done, has as chance at playing in the NFL.

Zahran Manley Cal Football

Question: How do you maintain being one of the best athletes in your sport?

Manley: I am very coachable, and I enjoy learning about the position. I am also very competitive. I watch a lot of film, and I train with the best coaches and enjoy working on my craft.

Question: Why is playing a sport so important to you?

Manley: I’ve always played sports since I was young. It’s important to me because it’s something I really enjoy doing. It’s a great avenue to direct my competitive energy towards.