Why Is It So Hard To Cancel R. Kelly?

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By: Omar Cook

As if we didn’t already know R. Kelly was a wierdo, from marrying a teenage Aaliyah to peeing on teenage girls…these are things we actually already knew. The Surviving R. Kelly documentary series that recently aired on Lifetime just reiterated how much pain he has caused in these people’s lives, and for people that really aren’t into music news like that, you probably learned more about R. Kelly in this 6 part series than you have in your lifetime.

This series was tough to watch, as former victims of R. Kelly’s sexcapades spoke out about how he was targeting teenage girls and engaging in sexual activities with them. We listened to detailed accounts of sexual abuse from these women, and we heard the emotional damage that was inflicted on these women because of these events. Just after watching 1 episode of this, I was thinking to myself, damn, this dude has been wilding for years! I also thought to myself, it’s time to stop listening to the music.


After watching this, I also realized that true R. Kelly fans are ride or die and they really don’t care WHAT this man does. R. Kelly fans are worse than Beyonce fans, and in their eyes he can do no wrong. It seems people really don’t care what goes on in the outside world unless it affects them directly. People literally gave accounts about how he was a pedophile, and yet there have been people defending him. Statements like, I don’t care what he does, I’m still listening to his music. Or saying that they can separate his personal life from his music. HOW, how do you separate this man’s personal life from his music when in reality, he singing about teenage girls? “My mind is telling me nooo, but my body, my body’s telling me yeahhhh!” Oh you thought bump and grind was for the grown and sexy?? Think again!


Then there’s the victim blaming. I’ve been seeing this question continue to pop up…”why now?” Why did these people decide to speak up after all of these years? I’ve heard explanations about them just doing it for a check for lifetime or just for clout and trying to ruin this man’s image. However you want to spin it, EVEN if these women just decided to speak up now for a check (not saying they did), the fact is this man is trash. There’s no other way around it. R. Kelly has literally been calling himself the Pied Piper for years, and nobody see’s anything wrong with that. Just type in pied piper in google so you can learn if you don’t the story. The man has been targeting y’all children for sex and y’all still out here stepping in the name of love. Unreal.

R Kelly and Aaliyah together

There’s no doubting that R. Kelly makes bangers. He has talent that is second to none and if it wasn’t for him being a trash individual, we would have to put him up there with some of the greatest. But we can honor him no more. Saying that you can separate his personal life from his music is an issue for the simple fact that you’re literally SUPPORTING him. This culture of allowing people to continue to prosper despite their personal agendas has to go. It seems we care more about feel good music and singing along in the car than actually supporting our women. Personally, I love his music and most of us probably do. But I know if it was one of my family members involved or someone I knew, I would be hot. I know it’s going to hurt some of y’all to delete some of those songs out of your playlist or to just simply press skip, but R. Kelly gotta go man.


Cancel culture in the black community is really trash because people are only canceled in the black community for no longer than a few weeks and then we get amnesia about why we canceled them in the first place. We can’t forget this one. I’m starting to think R. Kelly has some type of hypnosis in his songs because he has some of these fans wrapped around his finger, and it’s a bit scary. R. Kelly did Aaliyah wrong, and countless other teenagers, but in the eyes of the R. Kelly cult…he can do no wrong.



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