Shoot Your Shot: Why A Guy Gets Rejected

Shoot Your Shot: Why A Guy Gets Rejected

By Danielle Layne

Most of my time on Facebook is spent reading memes and horror stories where someone gets rejected and chaos ensued. I often view many posts of men going off on women because those women were not interested. If you shoot your shot, there is a chance that you will fail to score Therefore I decided to share a few possible reasons why the men failed to score, whether online or in person.

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Why Men May Fail to Score

1. No Understanding of How to Make Conversation

Some dudes believe that they should inject a “Wyd” in a female’s inbox everyday and get miraculous results.  Just no.  Who wants to tell some random person a daily log of their activities?  

2.  Dating Anxiety: Hot to Not be Nervous on a Date

Even when a guy successfully gets to go on a date with a woman that interests him, he proceeds to sit, stare and cold-sweat during most of the date.  This is annoying and the female on the date might think that this dude has the personality of a wet noodle.  Or worse, she may be wondering if she is now on a date with a serial killer.  Deal-breaker much? 

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3.  Jack of all trades.

What is up with men who try to pursue multiple females at the same time?  Does he want to form an all-female basketball team?  Is he looking for a sister-wife or nah? I had a dude call me and have long conversations for almost a month, only to realize he was calling my friend and coworker too.  On the same day.  With the same questions.  Why??

4.  You Talk Too Much: Learn How to Talk to Women

This is an unfortunate consequence of a nervous or overly confident man. Just this week I stood in a bank queue in front of a young couple. I swear, the young man spoke about himself for a good forty-five minutes. His companion could hardly get a word in edgeways. Don’t be that guy.

5.  Don't Understand How to Handle Rejection

This point is really for the keyboard warriors who inbox women with “Good morning”, “Wyd”, “You’re beautiful” or any variation of this.  These messages may signify interest and if she is happily taken, they only serve to annoy.  What is a man expecting to gain from telling a woman she is beautiful multiple times if she already has a partner who tells her such.  Yes, it is a compliment that most women will graciously accept. Telling this to her repeatedly may just be a waste of the dude’s time.

How to deal with rejection

How Do We Change This? 

In order to change some of these misses to hits, we need to consider a few things.

  1. Figure out why you want to speak to this woman. Is she a pretty Instagrammer that everyone seems to adore? Do you think she has a wonderful personality and will be a great wife and mother? If it is the former, it’s best that you move it along. If it is the latter, then hey-give it a go.

  2. Ask questions to find out the woman’s interests. What are her hobbies? Her idea of a casual date? What does she like to talk about? If you find out the answer to some of these questions, then you are well on your way

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Of course, I am only one woman so what is written above represents my opinion.  Dudes if you “wyd” and “hey beautiful” and your strategy opens doors, then by all means don’t change.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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