Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know Vol. 4

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Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know Vol. 4

By: Omar Cook

We're giving you our 4th edition of 7 of the hottest new artists that may be flying under your radar! These are artists who are ready to change the landscape of hip hop and let their talents fly! Check them out here!


Create art you’re proud of. Create your own world . It’s only fun if you’re enjoying the moment. The build is way better than any “top spot”.
Destiny Cashma Music Interview

Destiny Cashma has had some instant success dropping two EP’s in just less than a year called “Incognito” which was her first project that debuted top 10 on the charts and her sophomore project “I Had To” which debuted Top 8. CASHMA is a dope vocalist from Georgia who calls herself “the happy loner”. Some of her hottest tracks include “Lonesome Sh*t” to fan favorites “I Don’t Wanna” and “Company”! CASHMA believes her work is bigger than just music and that she stands for the “weirdos”, the loners and the ones without a voice. She is currently working closely with producer Mike Kalombo and Kalombo Records CASHMA says she just enjoys the journey of it all and being a natural creator. If you don’t already have this artist in your playlist, this is one you need to have. CASHMA is a talented new artist that is unique in her style and delivery and has a tracklist that is full of good vibes.

2. Some Guy Named Lee

Grind is my biggest record to date but it’s hard to say what is my best song, it changes per mood. Right now I would say my verse for Riff Blanco’s Sky is the limit is my favorite though.

East Coast rapper “Some Guy Named Lee” is origininaly from Buffalo, New York but currently calls Atlanta home. Lee spent a few semesters in College at Niagara University and hasn’t had much time for much outside of music since pursuing it full time. This rapper doesn’t have a long catalogue of music, but just about every track he has dropped is flames. This is an artist who sounds like he’s been in the game for a minute but is really just getting started. Lee has a dope flow mixed with some laid back beats and is definitely an artist you need to watch out for.

3. Lylo Gold

Life is my motivation. Life is all about balance, progression, growth and love. I try to treat the world how I want to be treated. I try to be as loving as I can... I believe that we are all connected and all contribute to the state of the world. That makes me responsible. It means I know my place in the world and what I need to contribute to the world.

London based R&B songstress Lylo Gold recently released her debut album entitled ‘Heartache & Wray’, following a turbulent relationship which featured an array of melodic sounds that introduces you into her own world.  This artist is building an impressive resume with over 250,000 accrued plays on Spotify and has also been featured on The Fader, The MOBO's Ones to Watch and The AfroPunk Playlist, making her an artist to watch throughout the UK and beyond.   Lylo Gold began singing at a young age of 11, and now at 25 years old, she has gone on to compose, write and co-produce an array of songs alongside a variety of artists. She is mostly known for some iconic releases including Starry Night & Over U, which were produced by frequent collaborator XVR BLCK. The UK has a number of talented artists, and Lylo Gold is another proven talent coming out of London. This artist has a voice that needs to be heard and don’t be surprised if you start hearing her name more in the near future!

4. Jhamasa


Jhamasa Noel Lewis-Adams is originally from Orange, California but moved around as a youth, and spent most of her childhood in Los Angeles, California.  In 2014 she released a mixtape Retro Love Arcade with Corinthian Washington and in 2016, she put out an independent EP, titled 24K. On this project she talks about her experience in the foster care system. In April of 2018, Jhamasa hosted an independent art show focusing on sexual trauma foster youth face through art therapy. In addition, she released a single off of her debut project 11:11. In her free time she volunteers and advocates for educational and civil rights for foster youth.

This singer brings a soulful vibe to her music and is definitely someone you want to add to your playlist! Jhamasa has an authentic sound that makes you feel good about the future of R&B.

5. TJ Upshaw

Most of my music is just life situations. Lifeʼs feelings. I have people that come to me for advice at times... itʼs just so much that gives me inspiration musically. I really just try to make music that people can relate and vibe to.

Detroit R&B artist and songwriter TJ Upshaw is bringing back the true sound and soul of R&B music. He recently dropped his new single “ONE 4 HER”, where his vocals capture the audience’s attention with a genuine feeling of passion and emotion. TJ developed his gifted talent for music growing up singing in multiple choirs and male quartet groups. He has recorded two mixtapes and just recently released his sophomore EP, "One 4 Her". This rising singer has had the opportunity to perform at many live venues between Detroit and LA at universities and clubs, opening for mainstream artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Eric Bellinger, Sammie, Dwele and J Drew Sheard and Day26. This an artist that you should definitely add to your playlist if you like real R&B, don’t sleep!

6. Narde

Most of my ideas from music come from experience, either from myself or others. I am an empath, so it is very easy for me to put myself in other people’s shoes and try to understand what they are feeling. That’s my favorite place to make music from, the perspective of others.

Narde hails from Richmond, Virginia and was raised by her mother and music, which took the place of her father. While attending college at VCU, she began making music that she felt wasn’t like anything she heard before, and started to take it more seriously once people began listening and showing interest. After graduation, she left everything she knew and traveled out to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. Narde has a sound unlike any other artist out, authentic to her own style. “I describe my music to others as smokers music, very groovy and thoughtful. Nothing to twerk to. Just something you can vibe too, it’s calming, hypnotizing.”

7. Tr3 Ali

My music is my within realm, externalized without on this plane of existence. It is the electromagnetic vibration of my soul brought into density.

East Coast lyricist, Tr3 Ali hails from North Miami, Florida, where he started rapping in the 7th grade with some friends in Math class. He used to write down everything that was playing in his head, and wrote 1 or 2 songs a day. Tr3 Ali is an artist that embodies what a true lyricist is and gives off a 90s hip hop vibe with his delivery. This artist is slept on but he delivers some real rap music that should be in your playlist!



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