Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know Vol. 3

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Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know Vol. 3

By: Omar Cook

We're giving you our 3rd edition of 7 of the hottest new artists that may be flying under your radar! These are artists who are ready to change the landscape of hip hop and let their talents fly! Check them out here!

1. William Prize

I’m motivated to do what I love! I’m chasing a lot of the things that people usually associate with success, but the main thing I’m after is happiness, self love, and things of that nature.
William Prize

East Coast rapper William Prize definitely fits the mold of an under the radar lyricist! Prize is a recording artist, and partner CEO of AZUS Records hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He graduated from 71st high school in 2012, served in the armed forces for a while and is now pursuing a bachelors in audio engineering. Aside from music, Prize finds passion shooting photography and playing basketball. This is an artist with a soulful vibe with lyrics that you can feel. Keep your eyes out for Prize because this is someone you need in your playlist!


2. Malcolm Taylor

What motivates me is my purpose. My purpose is to be that voice that inspires others, and motivate them in an artistic way.
Malcolm Taylor

Philly rapper Malcolm Taylor uses his talents to paint a vivid picture with his lyrics based on his life experiences and uses his voice to spread a conscious, positive message. Malcolm has been making music for about 6 years and has a versatility in his flow that makes each song feel different and keeps you entranced with the story telling. He remains authentic to his own delivery and separates himself from mainstream artists with his own style. This is an artist you need in your playlist.


3. Tahji

I love to be the best at what I do. I played a lot of sports growing up and this puts me in that same mode. I also want to provide for my family doing what I love. This is life now.

Midwest rapper Tahji is definitely on the come up. Tahji is a dope lyricist who hails from Detroit, Michigan and has been rapping most of his life. Tahji has been recording music for about 6 years and graduated from Belmont College with his bachelors in 2015 and played basketball and ran track in college. He currently has two EP’s out on all digital Streaming services right now titled “Genesis” and The One” and is looking to drop a new project this spring. This rapper tries to tell life stories through his music and has an original delivery that needs to be heard. Don’t sleep on this up and coming artist!


4. Cellus Hamilton

I think success is accomplishing a goal you set in advance. I’m motivated by listening to the radio and realizing that these young people are only doing what they hear, which means that I must make a change.
Cellus Hamilton

Atlanta rapper Cellus Hamilton has been rapping since the age of 8, Hamilton has travelled around the country and a few cities internationally, declaring his message of hope to the world. In 2014, he released his debut album “The Most Beautiful” which was followed by his sophomore release “We Are and We Shall” in 2017. Both albums have peaked on the Hip-Hop charts solidifying Cellus in the Hip-Hop world. Hamilton currently lives in New York where he serves at his local church and tours on weekends. If you haven’t heard of Cellus Hamilton, make sure you get familiar!


5. Leeta Lauxkeyy

These days I’ve become my own influence. I used to get so discouraged when I’d see other artists/friends that I’ve helped out numerous times, not even think of me. I realized I have to look within and push myself if music is really what I want to do.
Leeta Lauxkeyy

Bahamas singer Leeta Lauxkeyy brings a sexy, laid back vibe that is original to her own sound. This vibe setter has been been living in Orlando since 2013 when she came to the states for school. She attended Full Sail University in Florida and majored in Recording Arts & Engineering. She credits her school experience to giving her the extra push to engineer her own music. Leeta has a dope sound with a playlist that is full of vibes! You can look forward to her upcoming EP dropping this spring. This up and coming singer is sure to put you in the mood with her laid back tone.


6. Kafar Myers

The part of making music I love the most is recording in the studio! It’s my escape from the whole world. It’s like all the problems and others things are on mute. Also I love performing and seeing people enjoy my music in person.
Kafar Myers

East Coast rapper Kafar Myers is the real deal! Myers was born in Union County, New Jersey and spent his adolescent years in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. Myers credits listening to a J. Cole album for getting him to the art of storytelling. “I felt like he was speaking to me — I was fascinated by how he put images in my head off of words. It was mind blowing!” Myers creates a 90’s nostalgic vibe mixed with a dope delivery and down to earth lyrics. Aside from his love of making music, Myers is also a self-published author and put out his first book of poetry titled ‘Soulful Of Me’ . Myers currently has two mixtapes out called “No Hope Neglected” & “Adolescent Journal”. Artists like this, is the reason we do artist of the week, to bring you that hidden talent, and this artist is talented to say the least!


7. Sullivan

I don’t do much describing, I just let the tunes speak for themselves. Anybody who enjoys good music regardless of their preferred genre, can find something to appreciate about my music. Just know that only the smoothest and most playerest mfs listen to my music

Sullivan is a dope Southern lyricist with an original sound. If you like Wiz Khalifa, you’ll enjoy his vibe as he makes music for the smokers. This up and coming rapper hails from Huntsville, Alabama and attended Tuskegee University. Sullivan recently dropped a an album titled Evil Scientist”! Sullivan has a laid back flow that is shown throughout his music and is definitely an artist to watch out for!




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