Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know Vol. 2

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Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know Vol. 2

By: Omar Cook

We're giving you our 2nd edition of 7 of the hottest new artists that may be flying under your radar! These are artists who are ready to change the landscape of hip hop and let their talents fly! Check them out here!

1. DFlowetry

The effort I put into a song reflects on how my supporters hears the music. I don’t half ass on a song, I put my all in one song to bring out whatever emotion there is. When you give it a 100 percent, the rest will take care of itself.

West coast rapper DFlowetry who's real name is Damascus Fields, is a dope lyricist out of Las Vegas, Nevada and his flow is definitely something you need to be paying attention to! This is an artist that is on the rise in hip hop as he is a true artist that matches hot visuals to go with top notch lyrics! DFlowetry has an original flow that is being less and less seen in hip hop today. 


2. Joshua Sheeran

Success, to me is changing lives of the people around you and yourself. Digging deeper than financial and helping people on a spiritual and mental level.
Joshua Sheeran

East Coast artist Joshua Sheeran is an under the radar artist out of Charlotte, North Carolina who recently graduated from North Carolina Central University. Since his graduation, 22 year old Sheeran has been on the grind pushing his music out. Joshua is an artist of many arts and wants his career to eventually expand beyond just music. His aim is to spread vibes and positive messages throughout his music always and he also hopes to breakthrough and show people love is cool still! Sheeran is planning to release his first full project early 2019 but already has a collection of dope music! Do no sleep on this artist!


3. Trey Forever

I see myself as an artist that has made a way for himself, family, and other artists. Trey Forever stands for my music and how my music will be remembered for ever. I wanna be unforgettable.
Trey Forever

Midwest R&B artist Trey Forever is an up and coming singer from St Louis to be exact! Trey is a grinder and is always working on his music and when he's not putting his time into releasing dope music, he's just spending time hanging with his people. "Just like everyone else I just like to really be around good people, even if I don’t say much sometimes." For you R&B fans, this is a name you need to get acquainted with as this is an artist with some real talent and vocals!


4. Lauryn Harris

I want people to get to know me and who I am as an artist. With each song I hope listeners feel the emotions I put into a song and enjoy the overall experience.
Lauryn Harris

Lauryn Harris is an up and coming singer from from Houston, Texas and at 21, she is currently attending Texas State University and getting her degree in mass communication with a minor in music. Fashion and beauty is another avenue she want to pursue in her career along with music! Lauryn recently her first project called Inside My Head, but don’t sleep on this artist as this is someone you will want to keep an eye out for in the future!


5. TyShawn Dion

My music is a whole vibe. I’m real versatile so it’s hard to put me in a box but I focus on painting vivid pictures for people that are listening.
TyShawn Dion

East Coast lyricist TyShawn Dion hails from Worcester, Massachusetts which is not too far outside of Boston. This hot new artist spent the last 4 years at the University of Connecticut where he was also a student athlete playing football for his first two and a half years there but certain events forced him to walk away. TyShawn Dion brings a fierce delivery that is second to none in today’s hip hop landscape and is definitely an artist that you should keep your eye on for the future! Take it from us, he’s next up.


6. Temani Hill

The music I write is based on things i’ve experienced and am experiencing. Things are changing every day so I don’t think i’ll ever run out of things to write about. Each day i’m realizing more things about my past and how they’ve effected me & i’m coming to terms with who I am. I just want to share my story.
Temani Hill

R&B singer Temani Cherise Hill, is a smooth artist from from Durham, North Carolina. Aside from music, Temani is also very passionate about film photography. At only 19, Temani is building a solid resume with her music and you can definitely hear the talent and realness in her music. Temani has an untitled EP dropping early 2019!


7. Jeh $inatra

I always find ways to tie in my life into my music as much as possible. I find it to be more organic and truthful, versus just writing from an angle I haven’t really explored. I try to keep as much truth in my music as I can.
Jeh Sinatra

East Coast lyricist Jeh $inatra, is an under the radar artist who hails from Syracuse, New York. At 32 years old, this artist is married with a 10 year old daughter and owns an independent record label by the name Broken Hearts Music Group. His label curently features 4 rappers including himself and their in-house producer. $inatra is passionate about all the arts, and as a creative he likes to show off his creativity in many different forms. His most recent album “B.LA.C.K.” can be found on all major streaming platforms (apple music, spotify, tidal) with a new album that is planned to be dropped in March 2019.




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