White People, It's Time To Stop Saying The N Word

White People, It's Time To Stop Saying The N Word.png

By: Omar Cook

Alright. I’m about tired of logging into social media and seeing videos of white people using the N word just so carelessly as if that’s just the cool thing to do. It’s not cool, the word itself isn’t cool but it’s definitely not to be used by anyone that’s not black, and this is not up for debate. There is no argument that you can come up with to justify the use of it. The fact that this even has to be addressed in 2018 proves that we’re not as advanced as a society as we think we are.

One of the main excuses I hear for people using the word is "my friend is black!” SO WHAT! If your friend is black and they’re allowing you to use the word without checking you, they’re not only ignorant but goofy. Black people, understand that this is not a term of endearment between white and black people so stop letting your white friends go unchecked for using it. You might just need to get you some new friends who respect you enough not to call you that.

The most irritating excuse I hear is “_____ said it in his song so I can too.” Just because your favorite artist said it in the song does not make it right for you to say it too! I don’t care how many times YG says it in My N***a, when that part come up you need to bleep it out your vocabulary or replace it with another word. It’s really not that difficult. Too many times I get on twitter and it’s a video of a white girl rapping her heart out throwing around the N word to a song. That word is not for you and I think the majority of black people can agree that we’re tired of seeing it.

The N Word

White people aren’t the only ones who abuse this word. At some point in time, Mexicans figured they could get a free pass too. Mexican people, we rock with you but ain’t no freebies. Mexican people using the N word is literally like if black people just started calling each other wetbacks. It makes absolutely zero sense.

White people used the N word to degrade black people for hundreds of years and black people have simply reclaimed it to turn a negative into a positive. Just because we turned the word around, don’t hop on the train now trying to use it like it’s just the cool to say, white people. Ask your grandpa how he used that word when he was your age.

It doesn’t matter if you try to justify using “nigga” as opposed to “nigger” because you think that’s less racist. Neither of these are acceptable, however you put it. Understand that we’re not tolerating the disrespect anymore and moving forward from this point in history, you need to choose your words wisely. Stop jocking what black people do and say and create your own words and lingo. Thank you for your time.



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