Natural Hair Care Products For Black Hair: What’s in Your Spray Bottle?

Natural Hair Care Products For Black Hair: What’s in Your Spray Bottle?

By: Emily-Ann

Hey naturals,

I have been asked this question many times from friends and family. “What do you put in your spray bottle?” Well, here it is my favorite ingredients, and they can be found in your home or purchased at a store! The first ingredient should always be in your spray bottle is good old H2O!


I am sure that you have all heard that water is essential for our body to perform at its best. It can be said to be the same for your natural hair care. Water helps to feed the hair follicle which then aids in natural hair growth. Drinking, as well as spraying your hair with water should be the first thing you do when you feel that your natural curly hair is looking a little dull. As lovely as water is - it can be a bit boring. Add rose water in your spray bottle. There are so many great benefits to rose water that it’s almost impossible not to add it!

Rose Water

Rose Water and Glycerin


  1. Its smells amazing and very settle

  2. You can make it yourself, kind of like a DIY just by looking on Google or Youtube.

  3. Stabilizes your hair’s PH balance

  4. Great for hair treatment for damaged hair

  5. Anti-inflammatory and natural antiseptic properties

  6. Have you been trying to figure out how to prevent dandruff? This is necessary for your natural hair journey.

  7. This is a major key if you're looking for ways of how to make your hair grow faster

Bonus Great for your skin as a toner as well

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Leave-in Conditioner

This is an awesome way to retain moisture and great for detangling your curls. You can use this in replace of the rose water. I’ve combined both rose water and leave-in and my curls feel good and smell wonderful.  I currently use Aussie Moisture, as my leave-in and find that my hair loves it. I find that because I have colored my hair on top of being low priority my hair requires a lot of moisture attention. 

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera For Black Hair

Aloe vera juice has so many benefits, I have been using this plant since I was young! Even before I knew of the great properties it holds! It’s great for both hair and skin, but I will just discuss the great benefits for our hair. Aloe Vera juice, can be found at your local health food store. Desert of Lily is a popular brand with 99% consideration. This plant is a pact with repairing enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins that help with hair appearance and overall health. I have recently added this to my daily routine. I have seen improvement in thickness within a few days. Keep in mind once you open the bottle and transfer it into your spray bottle you will have to keep it in the refrigerated to keep the Aloe Vera Juice from going bad. I also drink this daily for added benefits. Although, if you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before use.

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Essential Oils For Natural Hair

Yes, essential oils can be added to your bottle. Natural oils, like peppermint and rosemary both, have properties that will help in the hair follicle to promote stimulation and is necessary on how to grow your hair fast. It is suggested that you use an carry oil with peppermint due to its high concentration and possible irritation. There you have it guys, just some ideas for your spray bottle. What do you currently have in your spray bottle, and share with us what you find to be helpful in keeping your hair moisturized throughout the day! 

Disclaimer: These suggestions are what I have found to work well with my hair. Please, do not use any of these products if you are allergic, or have scalp conditions that are best treated with medication by your healthcare provider.

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