Trey Forever Talks "2 Days N" Prelude Release

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Trey Forever Talks "2 Days N" Prelude Release

By: Omar Cook

R&B artist Trey Forever dropped a hot surprise project after spending just two days in the studio and it’s a must listen!

“I spent two back to back days in the studio creating a bunch of songs, and as I were creating them I found they were naturally cohesive with one another. After giving them all a listen together, I decided to make the songs into a small project/prelude called “2 DAYS N”.

Trey Forever Talks "2 Days N" Prelude Release

The prelude project is compilation of 5 songs, which were each freestyled in the studio. “I didn’t want to make music hard. I want to make music what it is, which is beautiful, heart filling, emotional, and peaceful” Trey said about freestyling. Listening to this project, it sounds like a well put together compilation that you would not have guessed would have come off the top of the dome. “The place I was at mentally, and how relax I went in to the studio this go round, is what makes this project different from my last.”

Trey Forever Talks "2 Days N" Prelude Release

This prelude includes relatable songs about relationships and keeps you engaged from track 1 all the way to the end. “I want people to know that I always do my best to create music people can relate to, learn from, grow from, and even use as a form of therapy. I want people to know that this project in particular was a project created from a very free place mentally. No overthinking, over writing, or stress.” This project gives you a late night drive type of vibe that you can blast in your car.

Each song has it’s own feel with catchy lyrics and the overall cohesiveness of the project is A1. “I just went in the studio and created whatever came to my mind.” Take a listen here!



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