Tips For Healthy Happy Hair This Spring and Summer

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Tips For Healthy Happy Hair This Spring and Summer

By: Emily-Ann

It’s spring and that means for some, natural curls will be on full display. Here are just a few reminders for those coming out of protective styling. Catching that well-deserved break DC (deep conditioning) is essential. Don’t forget the scissors for that trim. While taking down my hair from my most recent protective styling, and I realized that my mane needed CPR and a DC and yes a trim. Currently, I’m using Shea Moisture Raw Shea line deep masque. My hair loves the detangler and the DC treatment seems to be working really well.

Another reminder, wash and detangle in sections as this makes wash day bearable. I know wash days can be a pain and very time-consuming. You may want to look for products that do dual action. Dual products that speed up the time spent on your hair. Especially, the naturals with a busy schedule and on mommy duty with young ones.

Tips For Healthy Happy Hair This Spring and Summer

For my students in college, try setting aside a day or getting up early on the weekend to do your hair. I usually choose Saturdays when my energy is there, and Sundays can be set aside for other chores or activities. Use the many tools that are available to you, and what best works for your hair.

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I know many are trying the crimp rods. Please let the trend pass by, especially if you are new to the natural game. Focus more on getting to know your beautiful hair ladies and less on the next trend. I see many of the IG and YouTube influencers trying all kinds of different hair tools. Take into consideration they may have been dealing with their hair a little longer than you. I say let the trend be a trend, the last thing you want to do is accumulate unnecessary tools. If you later want to try the look you can always revisit the hairstyle at a later date. I always stress the importance of getting to know your hair likes and dislikes.

Tips For Healthy Happy Hair This Spring and Summer

Most importantly treat your hair with love and patience. I love to remind myself of the analogy of a plant. If you water it, it will grow and when nurtured it will flourish. Feed your hair the best of the best and watch the glow up!

I know many of us will still rock our lace front, bundles, and closures but remember to let your hair just be. Give your mane a rest from all that tugging and pulling every once and a while. Put the baby hairs on pause and let them be free. That’s all of my friendly reminders for loving on your natural hair.

Let us know how you plan to walk into this spring and summer this year!