The Legacy and Impact of XXXTentacion

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The Legacy and Impact of XXXTentacion

By: Abina George

June 18, 2018, brought news of an unexpected and devastating event. Police pronounced XXXtentacion, a contemporary rapper, dead at 2:40 pm in Miami, Florida. The rapper was murdered during a robbery while he was shopping at area motorcycle dealers. His unexpected murder has brought forth a debate concerning violence and the absolution of violent crime upon death.

XXXtentacion was an up and coming Soundcloud rapper whose debut album, 17, was released last year. The album was an eclectic mixture of violent rap along with moving ballads that drew listeners to his unconventional, yet alluring musical style, uniting an otherwise diverse group of followers.

While critics praised his musical abilities and appealing music, his image was marred by reports of his violent behavior. XXXtentacion was accused of violently assaulting his then-pregnant girlfriend and causing her severe medical issues along with a miscarriage. The rapper was currently on trial for the crime during the time of his death.

XXXTentacion mugshot

Also, during his stay in prison for the above crimes, he assaulted his cellmate for simply staring at him during his prison stay. The rapper boasted of the incident on a radio show, claiming to assault his cellmate, who he believed was gay, as a way of showing dominance.

The headlines have been filled with news of XXXTentacion and tales of his alleged assault of pregnant ex- girlfriend and other violent encounters with other parties. He was accused of heinous violence and was amid a trial for these alleged offenses. He was also accused of other assaults, robberies, and other crimes.

News of his death rattled social media and many fans expressed their loss and condolences on his passing while others shared a suspected video of the rapper immediately after his death. His death also caused a strange transformation among his fans and the public in general. Although his death was untimely and he himself was a victim of violent crime, many seem to want to absolve him of the crimes he committed during his lifetime.

Many people flocked to social media to pay their respects to the late artist. Along with the statements of loss, many people took to defending the rapper's actions in life since he befell a tragic and untimely death. The most common phrases “He was young, he could have changed,” or “We all do dumb things while young,” attempts to lessen his actions as common and acceptable for youth.

Attacking others, regardless of age, is never acceptable for members of society. XXXtentacion killed his unborn child with the abuse of his ex-girlfriend, nearly killed her and his cellmate, and many want to forget about the abuse since he can no longer face legal judgment on the matter. Fans choose to gloss over his memory and only remember his music, not the all-encompassing content of his character. According to his actions, he was on a path of continued abuse. XXXtentacion’s mentality was that he had to violently beat those around him into a submissive position so that his ideal of masculinity was fulfilled. He laughed and joked about the harm he caused others and bathed in his supposed position of control and domination.

XXXtentacion Mugshot

XXXtentacion’s death was tragic, and presumably not his fault. The trail bloodshed he created, on the other hand, was of his own doing. He gravitated towards criminal activities and relished in the pain of those around him.

XXXtentacion lived life as the perpetrator of many crimes and confident in his position of control. The abuse of his ex-girlfriend and others endured from the rapper’s rage cannot be forgotten because he himself became a victim. XXXtentacion held an aura of violence around him and ultimately violence became his very own downfall.

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