T. Mason Drops New LP "Got Home Late"

T. Mason Drops New LP "Got Home Late"
This project is not one to just skim through. You can appreciate and grow with over time. Especially if you have been in any relationship that was meaningful to you at one point in time. That could be a bad memory or a good one. The important thing is that it will spark conversation between both men and women. 

By: Omar Cook

Rapper T. Mason dropped his highly anticipated LP Got Home Late! This is only his 2nd project release and it’s been a minute since dropping his debut project The T. Mason EP.

This release is somewhat similar in regards to sound, but different in terms of growth. It is a more polished sound with an actual narrative. This is only my second project to date so I wanted to solidify my lane and sound. I also wanted to give a product that listeners could grow with throughout my career. A controversial project that could rebuild or destroy your relationship. So kids use it wisely .

T. Mason Drops New LP "Got Home Late"

Got Home Late features 10 tracks and this is a can’t miss project as this is one of those projects you need to play all the way through. T. Mason brings a smooth vibe over mellow beats throughout the whole LP with lyrics that just about anyone can relate too.

Its overall message comes from me battling with infidelity and faithfulness in my relationship. The temptation from wanting success, as well as the things that tend to come with it. Like women smh. I’ve always battled with giving a relationship my all. There is always something I  end up doing to F@!% it all up. This project is me telling that story.

T. Mason is definitely an artist that everyone should be on the look out for and this project is solidifying him as one of the most under the radar artists out right now.

The title in itself means so many things. It’s a phrase I’ve said many times to my significant others. Whether if I was out late actually working in the studio, or if I was out late with other women. It’s about the many arguments and fights I had. If I couldn’t speak to my girl or call her that night, I would just say it was because “I got home late. “

T. Mason Drops New LP "Got Home Late"

Every track on this project is dope, but a couple that stood out were “Act Right”, “Main Focus”, and “Bri’s Interlude”.

My personal favorite track is “Bri’s Interlude”. It came from a vulnerable place. It’s a song exposing my desires for love, as well as other women. But in the same breath, I am telling the love of my life that those are my old ways. I’m letting her know I’m a better man and she has nothing to worry about even though I’ve cheated before. That is why I say, “Temptation keep calling me, I don’t know if Ima call her right back. So many women who part of my past.” That track was a real conversation, just like the other 9 tracks on the project.

Check out the LP below and be sure to add it to your playlist!



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