Benefits of Meditation: Practicing Stillness Is Good For The Body

Benefits of Meditation: Practicing Stillness Is Good For The Body

By: Alyssa Cole

In our daily lives we tend to run around from work to hobbies and sometimes don’t end up taking a break from the constant run around. Living in a world that is constantly on the move and moving fast, we tend to take away from our self-care and mental health care. We see in so many cases nowadays people struggling with self-esteem, self-confidence, and just genuinely being happy. But what is missing out of our daily activities? What may be missing is taking a moment to practice stillness. Practicing stillness is one of the major

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Stillness is defined as a lack of movement or sound. Now I know what you may be thinking, I don’t have time to be still because I have XYZ to do! But the real question is, would you make more time to be still if it was good for your long term health? Being still has been known to soothe the nervous system. Very important system in your body right?! You literally can not function properly without a solid nervous system if you think about it.

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Practicing Stillness

Practicing stillness can be done by a variety of activities, whether it is daily meditation, sitting in your favorite place of peace without distractions or noise around while just practicing deep breathing exercises, or even listening to relaxing meditation music as you lay down (not the head bangers y’all!). 

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Benefits of Meditation

Many people may not realize this but stillness is powerful! It gives us a moment to reflect on our lives and calm down the many thoughts that are in our minds everyday. All the thoughts we have everyday and then over time can put our minds in overload, which is why practicing stillness is so important. Still feel like you don’t know when you could practice stillness? Schedule it! Nothing is wrong with setting a reminder or alarm to take 15 minutes to just breathe and relax your mind. It is so important to not overwork your mind and give it too a rest. Remember, always find a way to make time for self-care because your health truly depends on it. Stillness=peace.  

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