Natural Hair Growth: Do You Want Long Natural Hair?

Natural Hair Growth: Do You Want Long Natural Hair?

By: Emily-Ann


Growing long natural hair can be daunting especially if you’ve been relaxed for a long time. Sometimes you don’t know where to begin. You can also become obsessed with playing with it and wanting to keep touching it. Our hair is very delicate, and the kinkier it is, the more delicate the hair is. Reality hits and you start to question yourself. Why can’t I grow long natural hair? How can i make my hair grow faster? You see the women and even men on social media with big natural hair. Take inventory of your natural hair care products and what you are using on daily. There are some essential oils for hair growth that you may want to implement to get your natural hair and curls to the next level! Remember this equation if nothing else I mention here.

Essential oils + massage = healthy, happy scalp, and growth

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Vitamin E for long natural hair

Let’s talk about Vitamin E! It reduces inflammation, repairs damage to the follicles and encourages growth. Typical application in oil form can prevent dry hair issues. Let’s be real this summer has been a heat wave and with high scoring temperatures, and our hair and curls are bound to suffer from the sudden high-temperature environment. Not to mention daily manipulation and styling effects.

Jojoba oil for long natural hair

Another essential oil that you may or may not be familiar with is Jojoba oil. This oil helps the scalp to maintain a natural balance of oils, and at the same time moisturizes the scalp and follicles without leaving any residue. Vitamin E helps to repair damaged hair follicles that may be at the root of your hair growth problems.

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You can also add foods to your diet that contain high sources of Vitamin E, like sweet potato, olive oil, butternut squash, avocado, and spinach just to name a few.      

Natural peppermint oil for long natural hair

Peppermint Oil is another great oil to include in your natural hair care products collection and hair growth oil regimen. Remember to use a carrier oil because this oil is pretty strong alone. It helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp which will also help stimulate hair growth. 

Rosemary oil is good for those who are experiencing a handful of hair loss. It can promote strong, thick, and luscious hair. Rosemary oil acts like an antibacterial agent for your scalp. Healthy hair growth takes time, and patience. Some naturals can easily find what natural hair care products and methods work best for them. Keep in mind that you are unique, and so is your hair. Therefore, your journey will not be the same.

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Rosemary oil for long natural hair

You may want to speak with your doctor and discuss multivitamins being added to your diet. There are many chewable vitamins on the market right now. It's an alternative option for those of you who are not the pill taking type. Although multivitamins can aid in boosting your overall health it should not be taken as a replacement for good natural hair practices. Ultimately, you are responsible for the consistent practices and patience if your goal is grow long natural hair!

Stick to protective style methods and make a few dietary changes. Don’t forget to trim when needed and dust the ends with sharp hair scissors. Use the right tools is key to great results. Practice good hair hygiene by cleaning not only your hair but your hair tools.

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Disclosure: I am not an expert nor do I claim to be one, these tips and tricks are what I have found to work for me. Please, consult your doctor or healthcare professional before taking any multivitamins if you have health condition or taking any other medication..