Maui Max Talks His New Album “Everything Works Out Fine”

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Maui Max Talks His New Album “Everything Works Out Fine”
Listen to this tape by yourself, with your homeboys/homegirls, in the whip, with your significant other, it’s for everybody and all occasions. I just want y’all to know that Everything works out fine. I want to bring the energy up with this one and spread the message. 

Georgia rapper Maui Max recently dropped his new album titled Everything Works Out Fine! The album features 8 tracks, that you can play all the way through no skips. Maui Max is one of the most underrated lyricists out right now and this album really showcased his talent!

Why did you decide on the title “Everything Works Out Fine”?

We didn’t think so much on this. The homie LaCo who produced and engineered the whole project hit me one day randomly and told me he was ready to work. People say that all the time but this time it sounded different, we had both just bounced back from a dark time in our lives, learning and growth all it was, I had stepped away for a while to get things personally straight and solely focus on ME, we just both agreed that we were going to stay quiet and lowkey like we been doing and just enjoy life and work on this music and let everything else work itself out.

We was having fun with it again, not thinking about what people going to think about it or what people want to hear we was just making whatever we felt and staying inspired. Next thing you know we looked up and low key had a whole project that BANGED. So I decided to name it that because its kinda like a metaphor to how life has been for me, letting everything go and just having faith, not stressing myself out over things I can’t control, living life like its my last day, staying pure, counting blessings and things just started lining up perfectly because the energy was right. Things started generating. Even if you don’t listen to the music, maybe the title itself is something somebody needed to see at that exact moment. Im good with that. 

Maui Max Talks His New Album “Everything Works Out Fine”

What message were you trying to project and what can people expect from this project?

Just wanted to tell everybody to chill, I understand you, I get you, if you want to do better lets change the energy first, it worked for me, it can work for you too. I want everybody currently going through mental health issues to experience what im experiencing. I want to make those people feel cool again. It’s too much negative being pushed in the world. And thats what this project embodies, I got everything from that raw hip hop flow you can feel, something speaking to the ladies they can vibe to, straight bangers, some cool riding round the city music, all different vibes while telling a story. 

What was your favorite track on this project and why?

It’s hard because they would all be my favorite if they were on separate projects. I kept it 8 songs because I wanted people to focus on each one. They all have different vibes so I love em all for different reasons. 

Maui Max Talks His New Album “Everything Works Out Fine”

What separates this project from your previous releases? 

EVERYTHING. A full body of work. I felt comfortable in the booth, like I been doing it for years. The production is all original and all done by one of my closest homies. The recording process, it’s a different sound, I switched the flow up a little bit. Everything just clicked perfectly and I feel like this is my arrival project. 

Check it out below!



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