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Malcolm Taylor Music Interview

By: Omar Cook

Artist Of The Week

This week's "Who's Hot?" Artist of the week is Philly rapper, Malcolm Taylor! This rapper uses his talents to paint a vivid picture with his lyrics based on his life experiences and uses his voice to spread a conscious, positive message. Malcolm has a versatility in his flow that makes each song feel different and keeps you entranced with the story telling. He remains authentic to his own delivery and separates himself from mainstream artists with his own style. This is an artist you need in your playlist.

We talked with Malcolm Taylor in an exclusive interview, check it out below!

Question: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?

Malcolm Taylor: I been making music for over six years now. I can’t really tell you when I started, it’s just always been around me. 

Question: Musically, who has been your biggest influence in helping you along your journey and who are your favorite musicians?

Malcolm Taylor: No one actually, I get inspiration from life, experiences, and what ever moves me. Some of my favorites are Biggie, 2pac, Jay-z, Nas, DMX, OutKast, Kanye West, and Lauryn Hill just to name a few. I could really go on for days with naming my favorites.

Question: What artists would you like to collaborate with and why?

Malcolm Taylor: At the moment I would say J. Cole and Ty Dolla. I pick Cole because we would compliment each other by giving our point of views on what ever we choose to rhyme about. Ty Dolla brings a different element and vibe. Simply picked him because I enjoy his music.

Question: What do you feel is your best song/project ever released and why?

Malcolm Taylor: I really couldn’t tell you that, I put my all into everything. The one I have more of a personal connection with is a song titled “Faith” on my 1st project titled Commemorate. When I talk about losing my faith when my mother was murdered to gaining it back when my son was born. 

Question: What projects can we look forward to in the near future? 

Malcolm Taylor: I’m working on so much music that my fans just might get more than two projects from me in 2019.

Question: How do you generate new ideas for your music?

Malcolm Taylor: A lot of times I let the the production talk to me. If it doesn’t touch my soul I don’t write or even want to put my energy towards it. The best is like a canvas and what ever it tells me to paint I just go for it.

Malcolm Taylor Exclusive Interview

Question: What motivates you and how do you define success?

Malcolm Taylor: What motivates me is my purpose. My purpose is to be that voice that inspires others, and motivate them in an artistic way.  

Question: How do you describe your music to people?

Malcolm Taylor: It’s a heartfelt experience!

Question: Do you believe there is a formula to being a successful artist?

Malcolm Taylor: Not at all. I feel like everybody has their own path to success. 

Question: Who is your greatest inspiration? 

Malcolm Taylor: So many things but life, my son, my parents, my fans, music and God. 

Malcolm Taylor Artist Of The Week

Question: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Malcolm Taylor: I would have to say Jay-Z. We have to sit back and see everything this guy has really accomplished with his team. It’s amazing to me on so many levels. He just continues to break barriers and open doors for artists to really be moguls and business owners.

Question: Which emotion more than any other, currently dominates your music? Joy, sadness, anger or passion etc. , and why?

Malcolm Taylor: Passion because without it how can you make people feel where you’re coming from

Question: What sacrifices have you had to make, to make your dream a reality? 

Malcolm Taylor: Go on a budget and really trim the fat on things I don’t really need.

Question: What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most?

Malcolm Taylor: Creating the music and performing the music gets me excited the most. At the moment nothing discourages me, I’m in love with process.

Question: Where do you see yourself and your music in 10 years?

Malcolm Taylor: I see my music springing the next generation to do great things.

Question: What advice would you give to other up and coming artists or people looking to break into the music industry?

Malcolm Taylor: Stay true to yourself because it’s only one of you!

Question: Is there anything else you would like people to know about you or your music?

Malcolm Taylor: The New Ep is out now, “Protect your Energy” enjoy it until the next release!



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