Liron Dayo and TZO Talk "The Pink Room" EP Release

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Liron Dayo and TZO Talk "The Pink Room" EP Release

By: Omar Cook

Texas rap duo Liron Dayo and TZO dropped a hot new EP titled The Pink Room! The duo put together a smooth 6 track project that is a must listen! We talked with the duo in an exclusive interview, check it out below!

Question: What was your inspiration for the title of this project?

Liron Dayo: Honestly, its pretty basic. "The Pink Room" was inspired by "The Pink Room" lol. It was kind of a running joke. TZO had been seeing this girl who's room was actually pink. He sent a picture of the room to our group chat one day, and from then on, whenever he was slow to reply, we would joke that he was in the "pink room." The whole project is themed around random encounters with women. It's lighthearted, and a bit of an homage to that special place we're always trying to get to.

TZO: Yeah what Dayo said lol it was just a light joke and a light moment and it just hit us that the concept could be way bigger than an inside joke!

Question: What do you want people to know about your music and this project?

Liron Dayo: We really want people to know how fucking dope we are. Seriously. Bars for days, a ton of creativity, and talent. As for the project itself, its just fun. We want people to listen to it, and smile...maybe encourage a little recreational activity with a willing partner, lol. 

TZO: I know for sure I want people to be able to vibe to the music and also learn something from it, DTx’s story telling us something I pride us on as a duo, we both know what to say and how to say it to make it fit. We make stories into dope songs.

Question: What do you feel is a song that people MUST listen to on this project?

Liron Dayo: I thought "Admission" would be THE song...but people seem to love "Beat." Honestly, whichever one they vibe with the most, I love all my babies.

TZO: I think if you play any track on there you need to listen to it all, it’s a beautiful coherent body of work that we put some elbow grease into lol so if you’re gonna listen to one, listen to them all!

Liron Dayo and TZO Talk "The Pink Room" EP Release

Question: How did you generate ideas for the songs on this EP?

Liron Dayo: Life experience. My process is really simple, I hear a beat, and the hook comes to me. If not, then my cadence comes to me, and I figure out what I wanna talk about later. 

TZO: Honestly Dayo took the lead on the beat selection on this project, of course I had a say but I also knew he was better at creating this type of vibe we were going for with this project. The topics were easy, we both know about pleasing women and all the situations that come with a happy/unhappy partner. Once the topics come the rest just flows!

Question: What is your ultimate goal with your music?

Liron Dayo: Ultimately, I want my music to lend me a platform to do big things. On a more basic level, I think we both simply want our music to make people feel good, and occasionally make them think a little too. 

Question: What separates this project from your past projects?

Liron Dayo: Just the natural progression that comes with doing something over and over again. This is the 2nd mixtape we've done together, and you can hear the growth. 

TZO: This project is full of vibes maybe not everyone knew we were capable of creating but I think we wanted to be bigger and better on this one and we’re gonna get bigger and better with every project we do from here on out. More DTx coming very soon.

Download the project here!



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