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Lamar Jay Exclusive Music Interview
I just want whoever listens to my music to take something from it. I’m far from perfect, and we all can learn from each other. I need you and you need me. Much love!

By: Omar Cook

This week's "Who's Hot?" Artist of the week is West Coast singer, Lamar Jay! Lamar Jay has been making for a while with some of his most popular songs being “Bad Habits”, “The Masses”, and “Joy”. This artist is extremely talented and has a vibe that just about anyone can get into. His mixtape released of A Better Tomorrow and Heaven Only Knows are full of vibes all the way through that are perfect for those long car rides. Cali is full of under the radar talent and Lamar Jay is no exception!

We talked with Lamar Jay in an exclusive interview, check it out below!

QUESTION: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?

Lamar Jay: I’ve been creating music ever since I learned to put stories together, I don’t recall how old I was at that time. I got started because of my family. My mother and her sisters were in a gospel group and just hearing them harmonize and come together to trigger this feeling inside of me that made me want to sing too. So I began to ask everyone that I knew do they know anyone who can help me get to a studio.

QUESTION: Musically, who has been your biggest influence in helping you along your journey and who are your favorite musicians?

Lamar Jay: My biggest influence, musically, is my mom and her sisters’ gospel group. I have too many favorite musicians, but if I have to name a few, I would say Earth Wind and Fire, Musiq, U2, and Anita Baker. 

QUESTION: What artists would you like to collaborate with and why?

Lamar Jay: I would love to work with Musiq Soulchild and Pharrell. Musiq’s records are so powerful. His music opened up the genre for artists like me. Pharrell is a musical genius.

Lamar Jay Artist Of The Week

QUESTION: What do you feel is your best song/project ever released and why?

Lamar Jay: That’s not a fair question. I have a few favorite songs and projects. They’re all my favorites for different reasons. Lol I’m a music head. 

QUESTION: What projects can we look forward to in the near future?

Lamar Jay: I’m working on an EP right now. I don’t have a title yet but just know it’s going to be heartfelt. I’m going to be vulnerable and open and discuss a few topics that are sensitive to the Black community and to me, as a Black man. Also, I plan to start touring soon and spending time with my family.

QUESTION: How do you generate new ideas for your music? 

Lamar Jay: I usually sit down and write down my ideas anytime something pops in my head. I also take from my life experiences, things I see, and issues, whether good or bad. 

QUESTION: What motivates you and how do you define success?

Lamar Jay: I’m motivated by my fans, knowing someone can hear one of my records and respond with such joy and happiness makes my day. A fan literally had her parents write out my lyrics and got it tatted on her ankle that read, “Grow with Joy”. That’s how I define success, to know my music touched someone. 

QUESTION: How do you describe your music to people and what separates you from other artists in your genre?

Lamar Jay: I describe my music as pain medicine. I’ve found my musical purpose and that is to help others as much as I can. That is my job. What separates me from other artists is, I’m just me and that’s all I can be.

QUESTION: Do you believe there is a formula to being a successful artist?

Lamar Jay: Yes. Don’t give up. 

QUESTION: Who is your greatest inspiration?

Lamar Jay: My greatest inspiration is my family and my fans. Without them I would have quit long time ago.

Lamar Jay Music Interview

QUESTION: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Lamar Jay: There are so many influential and successful artists in my genre of today I can’t just pick one. Not fair lol

QUESTION: Which emotion more than any other, currently dominates your music? Joy, sadness, anger or passion etc. , and why?

Lamar Jay: Passion, Joy, and Sadness. Mix all three, you’ll get Lamar Jay. Why? We’re all human and go through many emotions, which dominates my music.

QUESTION: What sacrifices have you had to make, to make your dream a reality?

Lamar Jay: Relationships, health, sleep, list goes on. I’ve been at this for so long, sometimes I surprise myself how I keep fighting, all to make my dream a reality.

QUESTION: What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most?

Lamar Jay: Picking the production and the final product excites me most. What discourages me the most, is the mixing process, videos, and all the promo you have to line up before releasing new material. 

QUESTION: Where do you see yourself and your music in 10 years?

Lamar Jay: In the next 10 years, I see myself touring, and writing for other artists. I will be the founder and CEO of my own writing team, and help other artists, especially singers, get their shine.

QUESTION: What advice would you give to other up and coming artists or people looking to break into the music industry?

Lamar Jay: Keep a prayer in your heart and don’t look down, look up. If you give up in your mind, you already lost.



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