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Kindal Tate Music Interview

By: Omar Cook

This week's "Who's Hot?" Artist of the week is Singer/Songwriter/Producer Kindal Tate! Kindal hails from Northridge, California and uses her jazzy vibes to fuse with a variety of different genres. She attended College of the Canyons in Valencia, California. She is an advocate for anti-bullying and inspires those young and old that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Kindal is an extremely talented vocalist who produces music that is soulful with good vibes!

We talked with Kindal Tate in an exclusive interview, check it out below!

QUESTION: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?

Kindal Tate: I’ve been making music since 4 years old. I would make up songs and perform them for family in our living room. Music has always been played around me at home and thats what began my passion for singing.

QUESTION: Musically, who has been your biggest influence in helping you along your journey and who are your favorite musicians?

Kindal Tate: I would say Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong has been my biggest musical influence and my favorite musicians  are Sza, Masego, Count Basie, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Cab Calloway, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald.

QUESTION: What artists would you like to collaborate with and why?

Kindal Tate: Sza, Erykah Badu, Masego, Stevie Wonder and D’angelo  because they are insane when it comes to creative lyrics, harmonies and over all they are super authentic as artists.

Kindal Tate Exclusive Interview

QUESTION: What do you feel is your best song/project ever released and why?

Kindal Tate: I would have to say Floating is the best song off the EP because that song started it all I was finally in a real cool creative space in my mind.

QUESTION: What projects can we look forward to in the near future?

Kindal Tate: It will be a while till “Diary of a Jazzy Kid” will drop but I will be dropping an EP in June called “Summer Vibez”. 

QUESTION: How do you generate new ideas for your music? 

Kindal Tate: I usually go to the beach, or sit outside and watch the clouds.

QUESTION: What motivates you and how do you define success?

Kindal Tate: Just having the gift to heal people with music how music has healed me is what motivates me. It’s our responsibility as artists to create real art that can help people or change the world. Success is what you make it, for me it’s just constant growth and always evolving musically and as a person and if I just so happen to “make it” then it was  the universe and God’s plan.

QUESTION: How do you describe your music to people and what separates you from other artists in your genre?

Kindal Tate: My music has a jazz feel with a modern twist on any genre I choose to mix it with. I’m not a box type of artist my audience is anyone and everyone if you vibe with it cool and if you don't that thats cool too, no limitations here. 

QUESTION: Do you believe there is a formula to being a successful artist?

Kindal Tate: There is only one key to success and my mom instilled it in me since I was born and that key is to just “BELIEVE”. 

Kindal Tate Music Interview

QUESTION: Who is your greatest inspiration?

Kindal Tate: My Family is my greatest inspiration because although we don't have a lot they have given me everything and anything to help support my dream.  In knowing that I have that much support there is no way I’m going to give up because only I can stop myself from being the star that I believe I am.

QUESTION: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Kindal Tate: I would have to say Erykah Badu cause she is always creating weather she releases it or not and she still does shows all over the place she is an icon.

QUESTION: Which emotion more than any other, currently dominates your music? Joy, sadness, anger or passion etc. , and why?

Kindal Tate: Love is the over all theme of my music because with love you know joy, pain, and all types of mixed emotions that come along with the ups and downs of a relationship or friendships. 

QUESTION: What sacrifices have you had to make, to make your dream a reality?

Kindal Tate: The hardest one would be not being around my family as much since I'm always booking shows, rehearsing, going to school and teaching.

QUESTION: What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most?

Kindal Tate: Coming up with the melody and harmonies are my favorite but getting writers block every once in a while is quite irritating cause I always want everything done now but its all about patience.

QUESTION: Where do you see yourself and your music in 10 years?

Kindal Tate: I see myself signed to TDE creating my own label and many many awards. I also see myself becoming an icon that inspires people to be themselves and make music the way they want. As for my life I really don't want fancy cars or a huge house just a simple beach house with a recording studio in the basement and I would invest my money in creating music and arts programs in schools for low income kids.

QUESTION: What advice would you give to other up and coming artists or people looking to break into the music industry?

Kindal Tate: Never bend or break because of money, be authentic, be humble, be kind, never wait to be ready, invest your time wisely, don't be naive not everybody is here to help you, be yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself.