Kanye West Has Lost His Mind


Okay people change and grow over time and all that good nonsense, but for real, what the hell happened to Yeezy?? Kanye hasn't been the same since the Yeezus album...which was terrible. What happened to the Kanye that was standing up for us on Live TV telling the world that George Bush doesn't care about black people? 

That Kanye doesn't exist anymore. Unfortunately, we've been having to deal with the clone version of Kanye; one who once called out a President for not caring about black people, but now calls President Trump his brother. This whole scenario has made the movie "Get Out" all the more relevant because it's based on a true story, Kanye has fallen into the sunken place. Now there is nothing wrong with having political preference or dating outside your race, but openly endorsing people who have made comments degrading different races of people countless times, and then to say "slavery was a CHOICE"??? Sorry Kanye but this does not sit well with the black delegation. 

Hearing stupid stuff like this come out of Kanye's mouth would make you think, is everything ok with you Yeezy? 

From 2004 to 2008, Kanye blessed us with some of the dopest albums in Hip Hop; The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and 808s and Heartbreak. Yes Kanye, we loved you, but to say you switched up on us would be an understatement. Saying that slavery was a choice was not a well thought out statement, but Kanye has never shied away from saying how he feels. This statement is different. Not only is it insensitive to the millions of black people that were FORCED into slavery, and the millions of others who died as a result, but it's an insult to a generation of black people today that look up to Kanye. In a climate today where comments on race and sexuality are extremely sensitive, this is a major letdown. 

Kanye West and Donald Trump

Black people are still dealing with racism to this day, and to think that our ancestors chose to stay in slavery is utterly ridiculous. We understand that you encourage new ways of thinking Kanye, but this idea is trash. Kanye West has the ultimate platform, millions of fans, so why use it to put down your own people? Kanye sent the internet into an uproar with his recent comments, but leave it up to black twitter to make light out of a sticky situation. 

Now the next time Jesus Walks or Slow Jamz comes on, will we switch the song or are we just going to keep turning our head and act like he didn't just say this nonsense?

Kanye, the fans love you, but you are cancelled until further notice.