John Legend Earning EGOT Is Important For Black Entertainment

JC Olivera/WireImage - John Legend Earns EGOT

JC Olivera/WireImage - John Legend Earns EGOT

By: Omar Cook

In 2018, there are still a lot of firsts to be accomplished by black people and John Legend just set the stage for more walls to be torn down. John Legend is now the first African American to earn EGOT status! John Legend is one of the youngest people ever to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

Legend recently won an Emmy at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards for producing the best variety special winner, "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert." Add that to go along with 10 grammys. The man is talented. Legend won an Oscar in 2015 for his song "Glory" which was featured in the film Selma and in 2017 he earned a Tony for his role as a co-producer for the Broadway production of "Jitney."

This is not only a win for John Legend, but a win for black culture and the next generation of black creators and entertainers that can see that major success is attainable on all levels. This is an inspiring win that black people can hold their heads high for. Black youth need positive role models to look up to and be able to see that they can follow in the same footsteps. 

Being the first black anything is an accomplishment and this one is major. To accomplish EGOT in entertainment just speaks to the level of talent and commitment to success that John Legend has and this should be seen as motivation for anyone that trying to make a name for themselves. Thank you John Legend, for showing us that dedication to creativity will not go unnoticed.



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