J Cole Posts Much Needed Message To The Music Industry In Light Of Mac Miller Death

J Cole Posts Much Needed Message To The Music Industry In Light Of Mac Miller Death.png

We all heard the unfortunate news of the passing of talented rapper and producer, Mac Miller. Mac Miller passed away due to a drug overdose at the young age of 26. There were millions of tweets celebrating the rappers life, but one in particular stood out and that was from J Cole. His tweet and Miller's death brings attention to the ugly truths that some people deal with, and thats the overuse of drugs. Drug culture and using drugs to cope with certain things is a bigger issue than a lot of people realize. 

Instead of dealing with issues head on, a lot of people turn to drugs rather than talking to friends or family about their problems. Drug use is over glorified in hip hop culture and honestly that needs to change. J Cole touched on the subject on his recent album KOD with his song "Friends." Listen to it below.

Unfortunately, a lot of times we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to check up on friends and family and don't realize they're going through something. Particularly, in the black community, mental health is an issue that often isn't taken seriously and people lack the courage to speak up and get help for their issues. Drug use is the easy way out, but unfortunately it doesn't always end up with the best results.

If you're battling with an issue, think about who you can talk to before turning to a hardcore drug that will do nothing more than suppress the feelings for a limited time. And if you know you haven't reached out to your loved ones the way you need to, you never know if they're needing someone to talk to and you can change that person's life. 

Mac Miller will forever be remembered for the dope music that he gave us but his death will also serve a purpose that drug use is an issue that needs to dealt with. Thank you for the music and may you rest in peace. 

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