Jae Breeze Discusses His Latest Album "Crxwn"

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Jae Breeze Discusses His Latest Album "Crxwn"
I just want to thank everyone who has listened to the album, and shared the album with others. Y’all are the real goats and I’m here to be Carolinas Finest. This is my best piece of work to date and I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

By: Omar Cook

East Coast artist Jae Breeze dropped his new album called Crxwn! The album features 10 tracks and host of features from other rising artists including William Prize and Joshua Sheeran.

“I decided to name the album “Crxwn” because I wanted to tell a story about myself and a status where I feel like I am at right now. I feel like I’m at a peak where I can’t be touched.”

If we had to compare this artist’s sound to anyone, it would be similar to Casey Veggies. Jae Breeze brings a dope flow and a positive overall message to his lyrics.

“The message Is basically to tell upcoming artists that sometimes this music game can be tricky, especially in your everyday life. Sometimes you reached a certain point in your career where you’ll have to cut ties, recover relationships because your significant other isn’t used to this type of lifestyle, etc. People can expect to hear a background story about how far I’ve come as an artist to where I’m talking about life, what I’ve been through & how I’ve overcame those obstacles, to dealing with complications in my relationship, etc.”

Jae Breeze Discusses His Latest Album "Crxwn"

There are several dope tracks on this album, but two of them really stood out. “Look At You” and “Carolina’s Finest” are our personal picks for favorites but the project is solid all the way through.

My favorite track would be “Crxwn with a X” because I touch on how things has changed prior to my release of this album. From the love I’ve been receiving from different fans, to having to cut ties with people I thought were close.

Jae Breeze definitely made a statement for himself as an up and coming artist and you should definitely be on the lookout for his future projects! You can find it on all platforms.

“This album is a statement to say that I’m here to stay in this music game. I’m more comfortable with trying new things vocally and opening up more to the listeners. This is my best work yet.”

Check out the project below!



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