Why Do Black Men Belittle Black Women To Justify Dating White Women?

Why Do Black Men Belittle Black Women To Justify Dating White Women?

By: Omar Cook

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating outside your race, lets get that out the way before y'all twist my words. This is modern day America, where a melting pot of cultures from around the world mesh together. Sure there are still issues between races, but this is 2018, interracial dating has truly become commonplace. Dating outside of your race which was frowned upon once upon a time in America, is now something that you see everyday. Interracial dating is not the problem. 

The issue at hand is that there are certain black men that will belittle black women to justify dating outside of their race. Why do you even have to say anything negative about black women? First of all, no one cares that you date who you date, just go about your business. Black women will find someone that loves them regardless of who your preference is. If dating a white woman or whoever, makes you happy, by all means go for it. Black women are already under appreciated as it is, so for black men to be the ones putting them down, it's extremely ignorant.

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I have heard a variety of reasons from my counterparts about why they won't date black women and here are a few of them:

  • Black women are loud and angry
  • Black women can be controlling
  • Black women have bad attitudes
  • Black women don't put out like other women of other races

How ridiculous does this stuff sound. To me, it sounds like certain black men want someone they can easily control and fetishize over them, and they know black women aren't going for that. You come from a black mother, a black family and still find a way to devalue your own people. It's okay to love who you love, but it's possible to appreciate black women while dating outside your race. 

Black Men Dating White Women

This definitely goes deeper than just dating white women though. Certain black men have an obsession for dating "foreign" women, a preference that keeps them close minded to dating black women in general. We've all heard the phrase "if it ain't foreign, it's boring." Why do we have this type of preference? Having certain preferences in women you date is cool, but choosing women just because they're foreign or white is high-key weird. Just because they're "foreign" does not mean they aren't coming with the same baggage and issues that you believe black women bring.

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Black men have to do better with valuing our own women instead of putting them down. Like what gratification does it give you to talk down on black women just to say you only date a certain race of women or you have a preference? What good comes from that? We really aren't too far removed from a period in time where black men were getting lynched and castrated for even talking to white women, now that's your only preference? Ignorance is an abundance right now and black men need to wake up and realize how stupid you look putting down your own women. 



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