Get It Done! | 5 Tips To Staying Motivated And Accomplishing Your Goals

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5 Tips To Staying Motivated And Accomplishing Your Goals

By: Tasha Hough

Hey guys, so it's the end of the year and everyone is on a frenzy trying to get their New Year's resolution together right? Right. Here's the thing... Don't do that. You put so much pressure on the first of the year that you forget to just actually live your life how you want to live. Most importantly, you put so much pressure on January that by February you’re over it so you’re back to the old habits. I have a few tips of what helped me this year to actually completing things & staying motivated.

1. Write It Down

The first thing is actually writing it all down. Although we are in technology age I'm a firm believer in “Write It Down, Make It Happen” (This is also a book by Henriette Anne Klauser but based off the title alone you catch the drift). Once you write exactly what you want to do, with clear intentions, no matter if it's in a planner or on a sticky note on your wall, you're eventually going to get it done. Why? Because you see it you will constantly be reminded that something needs to get done; it feels good to cross things off a to-do list. I personally have a to-do list everywhere specifically to hold myself accountable.

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2. Stick To A Schedule

Put yourself on a schedule. For instance, I am a single mother, I work full-time, I create things & I’m also trying to change the mind/lives of people in urban communities all while maintaining a social life AND dating (which is a job in itself). Were you tired reading that? I was tired just typing it lmao (send help !). I can't do all of it every day, all day. To make sure everything I want or need to do gets completed in a timely manner, the schedule comes in to play. I put all of my creative things to do on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday before 12 pm. I put all of my business things on Tuesday, Thursday. That simple. I'll go over all things on Sunday. That way I'm actually getting things done as opposed to only taking a nip off of my to do list per day because I’m trying to do everything all at once. You do what's best for you but for me it's better when I stick to certain things. It also keeps stress levels DOWN because you are pacing yourself. Rest periods are also very necessary.

3. Want It Bad Enough

Stop having resolutions that you think you should have, fully think about what YOU want to improve, have, accomplish for yourself. Write it down with CLEAR intentions then you work on it daily (or according to your schedule). I emphasize CLEAR intentions because I find that some of us are just not precise on what exactly we want. When you really tune into yourself, find out what you want to do, get real specific with things, it’s much easier to make a change. The reason some of us can’t accomplish things after the 2nd week of January is simply because we don’t want it bad enough. It hurts to come to that realization but trust me, once you get to the point that there is no other option YOU WILL MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. PERIOD. There will be no room for excuses or fear.

4. Kill Off The Procrastination

Have you ever had an idea, procrastinated, then saw your exact idea happen with someone else doing it? That is top five worst things on earth to me, especially as a creative. Remember all of that doubt you had about the idea, thinking people wouldn’t gravitate towards it, or just simply thinking it wouldn’t be successful……. Well, look at how it’s succeeding elsewhere. I read about this in a book called “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I believe it is a real thing. Granted, all ideas aren’t for you but you really never know which ones are if you don’t try on any of them.

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5. Just Do It

Finally, JUST DOING IT. I read loads of self-help books, I like to look at documentaries or interviews about how people started off, how they got to the point of success and the common factor is JUST DOING IT. You start by starting. You may not know how to start. You may not know where to start. Nonetheless, if you don’t start we know for sure that you will STAY in the position you are in. Don’t let 2019 pass you by with things you wanted to do in 2016, 2017, 2018


Happy New Year everyone. Let’s all KILL it in ways we never imagined. Start today with changing your life.  You got this, I promise.



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