Black Hair Tips: Dye Your Hair In 5 Minutes!

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Black Hair Tips: Dye Your Hair In 5 Minutes!

By: Emily-Ann

Are you thinking about dying your hair? Many of us get that urge to do something different. Around this time of the year, I reach for my personality units or extensions pieces. Like many other beauties, protection during the harsh winter months is the main objective. I see a lot of celebrities rocking the amazing pastel colors, and cute wigs lately. It inspired me to do this post, and share this information with my lovely readers.

You can now dye your hair in less than 20 minutes using just watercolors. No other products needed and time is cut in half. Many beauty YouTubers have already made videos, and have given their thoughts on the product. It looks like watercolors are making a permanent splash in the beauty community. We have seen our celebrities rocking the bright and vibrant colors, and now we can achieve the looks at home too!

Dye Your Hair In 5 Minutes

Many of us are willing to spend our coins and invest in great lasting wigs, trying to wear out that synthetic wig or bundles for just a little while longer. Changing that look and all while saving some coins, I am all for it. For those who are not afraid of a little color then get ready. I have provided videos for you to watch, and a list of materials you will need to accomplish these cute looks.


Plastic container
Hot water or pot of boiling water
Your choice of hair color in the Adore Water Color Dye
Disposal gloves
Plastic garbage bags(protect surfaces from dye)
Rattail comb
Dye brush for more precise dying of your wig

Let us know what you enjoyed about the videos? Comment and share your thoughts on this week’s post with us!



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