Meet Danielle Wright

Dannielle Wright - Writer

Danielle Wright - Culture, Sports

Danielle Wright, founder and CEO, launched Wright Relations initially as a freelancer/ independent contractor and officially in February 2014 as Wright Relations, LLC. Danielle’s interest in serving people developed at a very young age; and because of her faith and passions for public relations, community engagement, and sports, Danielle was able to turn those hobbies into a first-class, boutique public relations firm. In May 2017, Danielle won an entrepreneurship award called the Limitless Ambition Lady of Legacy.

Danielle is a hardworking, creative and organized professional with experience in Division I and II intercollegiate athletics, communications and development. She possesses knowledge in a broad spectrum of athletics, including academics, sports information/communications, social media marketing, community relations and engagement, and programming and has also taught at the secondary and higher education levels.

Committed to building relationships and assisting others to realize their goals and dreams, Danielle’s ministry revolves around combining her passions to help heal others’ hurt. She works with people from all walks of life and continues to develop her professional and spiritual experiences to be more diverse and impactful.

Danielle currently serves as a residential life staff member and digital content designer at a private, Catholic school where she helps oversee 70 high school students in one, coed dormitory. At this school, Danielle also serves as the advisor for the Black Student Alliance and works with the group to educate others about black culture while advocating for and celebrating diversity and inclusion. 

She is also writing her first book - a devotional. Follow Danielle on twitter @DaniW_Speaks