Christmas Gift Ideas For Natural Girls

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Natural Girls

By: Emily-Ann

Do you have a natural hair beauty on your list for this year? The holidays are upon on us again, and you know what that means. It's time to open our wallets, purse, and credit cards and start that Christmas shopping. Don’t stress I have some great gift ideas for natural women on your list.

Natural Hair Care Basket

If you are a DIY kind of person you will love this idea. You can buy a basket, box or decorative box. Collect different items from your local beauty supply store and make a gift basket. You can fill the basket with items that every natural needs if it’s someone who recently joined the natural community-like a welcome package of some sort.

Stocking Stuffers

You can stuff them with products that they love and items you see them using all the time it just takes a little attention to detail. A quick look around their home and a few questions can give you some clues.


More ideas are cool t-shirts and mugs with famous saying like “Black Girl Magic”, “Black Melanin”, “My black is beautiful” or other slogans. Remind her of how important self-love is.

Black Is Beautiful T-Shirt

Bathroom Accessories

I have seen really cute shower curtains with cartoon characters with afros, shower caps and other things that one may need to protect her mane. They are all over Esty and Instagram. There are so many cool items on Esty as great gift ideas, that I can just shop on there for hours. If I got paid for shopping that would be my next career position.

Natural Woman Bathroom Accessories

Wraps and Slick Scarfs

For that natural who loves wearing wraps and just slaying the game with her wrapping skills, give her the gift of some head bonnets/scarfs/wraps. They come in a variety of patterns and African prints. This is an old tradition that of course our mothers have handed down to us, and has been in our culture for decades. Caring about her edges will always win you points. You can find these items at your local beauty supply store, and other websites that cater to natural hair beauties.

Gift Card

For that natural beauty that has “everything”, my suggestion is simple. Gift card with their favorite beauty supply store or Amazon. It eliminates the guesswork and saves you some time. Plus, if your guy is clueless about what to get you, mention the gift card. You’ll get exactly what you want, and he can relax knowing it did a good job on this Christmas gift exchange. ( Insert Picture)

Just recap great gift ideas for naturals, read them below.

A natural hair care basket

Mugs with black centered slogans or sayings

Slick scarfs

Head wraps

Accessories, like sleeping bonnets and hair ties, hair tools etc...

Buttons with slogans sayings (Insert picture here)

Gift cards to the beauty supply store

Merchandise and decor like bathroom accessories, phone cases, t-shirts that say, “My black is beautiful”, “Black Melanin”, and “Black Queen”.

Stocking stuffers with favorite natural hair products

If I have missed anything, please share in the comment section below.



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