Change Your Mood: 6 Tips To Uplift Your Spirit

Change Your Mood: 6 Tips To Uplift Your Spirit

By: Alyssa Cole

Having a hard day at work and everything just seems to be keeping you down?  Does your family get on your nerves? Just got a bad grade on an assignment you worked hard on? Any one of these scenarios are an easy way to damper a mood! But how are you getting rid of that frown and bringing back a smile? Here’s some ways to help you get out of a bad mood and uplift your spirit!

1. Inspirational Reading Quotes  

One of my favorite things to do is write quotes or search for quotes online. Positive words and affirmations are a great way to change your perspective and mood on a lousy situation. Words after all create thoughts that create actions!

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2. Dress With Confidence

Wear that something that you know you look great in! How you put yourself together can really impact your self esteem especially depending on if you feel you look nice in your outfit. Nothing is wrong with taking a few minutes to put a nice outfit together with your favorite perfume/cologne to match! Who doesn’t feel good when they know they look good right?! Wear clothes that make you feel good! This is a sure tip to uplift your spirit.

3. Listen to Upbeat Music

 Listening to music that gets you moving is a nice way to shift your mood from sad to happy. Be selective about what you listen to because music is powerful. Instead of listening to a sad love song, turn on your favorite empowering song or your go to playlist for when you’re going out that you know will have you dancing in your seat and uplift your spirit!

Uplift Your Spirit

4.  Exercise Makes You Feel Good

Have you ever heard someone say they felt way better after they work out? For many this is true! It’s something about putting your frustrations and issues from the day into a nice lifting session or run on the treadmill. This is an immediate spirit lifter! However you blow off some steam in the gym, try that routine to help you clear your mind, get active, and change your mood!

5.  Get Some Fresh Air

 Sometimes something as small as taking a break to step outside and take in that amazing sun while looking at that clear blue sky, does something to the mind. It can help relax your mind as well as bring you a sense of peace. Depending on the person, being out in nature can really help soothe and calm one’s body and spirit. Taking a moment to get some fresh air is an easy way to uplift your spirit!

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6. Talking To Friends

Talking to someone that you know has a reputation of motivating and uplifting others is a great way to help you get out of bad mood. We have people that come to mind even if it’s someone you admire on social media that is encouraging. Talking to friends who a positive spirit is a sure way to uplift your spirit. Take the time to speak or listen to that friend that has a way of cheering you up when you find yourself down!