Black Women, We Appreciate You


Black women are the finest women on earth, let's just get that out the way. Contrary to what some might believe, black men do love black women. Black women come in all shades from light caramel to dark chocolate, and as black men, we appreciate every bit of your color! Add cocoa butter to the skin of a black woman and watch the melanin in her skin glow! What truly is the black man without the black woman?

The right combination of black love coming together can create a king and queen combination; a foundation of faith, ambition, and appreciation for each other can render a black couple unstoppable. Black women hold the key to unlocking the black man's potential, and the wisdom to guide his decisions. Black men have the ability provide the protection and love that a black woman truly desires. No man can love the black woman like a black man and vice versa. 


There is no problem with dating outside your race, but black love is magical and is something that should be cherished within our culture. No one understands the black man like a black woman; the way he needs to be talked to, motivated, and loved. Black women help provide balance to the black man spiritually and mentally by pushing him closer to God. Every black man needs a strong woman in his corner that can tame him and push him to be the best version of himself, and no one is more fitting of that role than the black woman. 

Black women, we appreciate your strong attitudes, sexy swagger, natural hair, and everything that makes you you. A black woman who embodies the words "Where Sexy Meets Classy" is truly defining to just about what every black man wants. Just as women want prince charming to come sweep them off their feet, black men dream of a woman who is the sexiest woman alive in his eyes and a classy woman that can hold her own in any setting. Black women, we appreciate the creativity that you possess, the blogs you write, and the beauty products you sell; we appreciate your ambition. 

Black women, there are good black men out there; men who know how to be faithful, men who are open to learning how to love you, and men that will have you ready to break your routine of being independent. With all that is going in the world, the black man needs a woman that understands his daily struggles and understands the pressures that he feels in society. Black men appreciate the wisdom of the black woman, for it is wisdom that we look for from our own mother. 


Black women, you hold the power to unlocking the gifts of the black man and helping relationships prosper. Teach your black man how to love you and watch him give you the very world that you desire. Black women we appreciate your unwillingness to allow us to treat you unlike anything other than a queen. We appreciate the standards you hold for yourself, and ultimately you are the prize that every man seeks to claim in life. Black women, thank you for everything you stand for and know that black men do appreciate you, Queen. 

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