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Become a brand ambassador

Become A Brand Ambassador

Why Should You Become An Ambassador For 247 Live Culture?

247 Live Culture is the premier magazine for black millennials! If you have a great social media presence, this is an EASY way for you to make money. You can join our team and produce revenue for yourself just by being you! This is a platform that has all of your culture needs!


Get 40% off on all site apparel with your personal promo code and wear the apparel for brand awareness! Take great pictures in our apparel and we will feature you on our social media pages to help you build your own following!

Make Your Money

As a brand ambassador, you will have a promo code that will give your audience 10% off on all apparel, and for each purchase made you will receive $5. You are a business within the business and you will make as much money as you want if you work for it!

Use social media to pictures of apparel, whether pictures from the site or your own pictures in your own apparel! Social media will be your biggest tool for selling apparel! Become an ambassador with us today!


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