A$AP Rocky Being Locked Up Is A Case Of Bad Karma

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A$AP Rocky Being Locked Up Is A Case Of Bad Karma

By: Omar Cook

To say that A$AP Rocky got caught up in an unfortunate event would be a major understatement. This is the classic wrong place wrong time situation that everyone hopes to avoid. A$AP Rocky is currently behind bars in Stockholm, Sweden after getting into a physical confrontation with 2 men involving him and his entourage. After weeks of investigation, A$AP Rocky and 2 others have been charged with assault and the rapper is now facing up to 2 years in prison.

The videos have been floating around on social media showing the altercation and A$AP Rocky has maintained his position of self defense claiming the men provoked the fight between him and his bodyguard. It’s never a celebratory matter to see another black man get locked up behind bars especially from something as petty as this, but there are a lot of people who are turning their back on the situation and viewing it as a case of bad karma because of a statement that A$AP Rocky made in the past.

In a 2016 interview with The Breakfast Club, A$AP made a controversial statement regarding the black lives matter movement.

"Why, because I'm Black? So every time something happens because I'm Black I gotta stand up? What the fuck am I, Al Sharpton now? I'm A$AP Rocky. I did not sign up to be no political activist. I don't wanna talk about no fucking Ferguson and shit because I don't live over there! I live in fucking Soho and Beverly Hills. I can't relate. I'm in the studio; I'm in these fashion studios; I'm in these bitches' drawers. I'm not doing anything outside of that. That's my life."

Now, I definitely understand what A$AP was TRYING to say, but it obviously was conveyed the right way especially regarding such a sensitive subject. No, people don’t expect every person to be a civil rights activist, but he definitely could have said it in a better way and with the issues that have been going on with police and the black community, it really just wasn’t the right thing to say, period. So now that A$AP is locked up, people see this as something he deserves.

I wish jail on no man, so at the end of the day, hopefully A$AP Rocky can come out of this situation on top. There are a few things to take away from this situation. 1) Watch what you say because it can come back to haunt you. 2) You can get caught up in unfortunate legal situations regardless of your popularity. 3) Being a rapper does not exclude you from the same issues that everyday black men face on the regular. Goodluck to you A$AP.



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