A Personal Run In With Trump's Faithful

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A Personal Run In With Trump's Faithful

By: Omar Cook

I had a unique experience with a Trump supporter recently and this experience was of course driven by a common factor among the majority of Trump supporters: RACE. I was working an overnight shift at my side job, a local resort in So Cal and I was helping a middle aged white woman unpack her car and help her with her bags. 

The immediate conversation was warming as she was very cordial but it took a turn real quick. As I was making my way to her trunk, the lady says “I hope you don’t get mad, but I have a Trump sticker on the back of my car.” My first thoughts, why would you even bring that up? 

So I said “Don’t worry, I’m not going to treat you any different.” The woman says, “I just don’t think Trump is racist.” I’ll pause right here to dissect this because it gets better. It’s pretty common knowledge that Trump IS in fact...a racist. But for her to point out her Trump sticker, without me even bringing it up, meant that she assumed I would be upset that she was a Trump supporter, based off the color of my skin alone. AND, for her to point out that she didn’t think he was racist told me two things: 1) She obviously felt some type of guilt because she felt the need to justify her opinion that I didn’t ask for. 2) Her morals were off.

Back to the story. The woman then says, “Do you like Candace Owens?” My response of course, was “no, definitely not.” Of all people, you chose a known Uncle Tom black Trump supporter to try and justify your position to me? Not only did I not ask to have this conversation, but it started to grow increasingly racist by the second. 

Here’s what I took from this. Had I been a white man, this exchange most likely would have never happened. Also, you flaunt this Trump sticker on your car for everyone to see, but for some reason you feel the need to justify why you have it when black people are around? This exchange further reinforced the notion that Trump is the symbol of race division in this country and there’s no hiding it. 

Only people who feel guilt about their decisions or opinions try to justify what they think without people asking. I don’t treat people any different because of an opposite opinion, but I will definitely question your sense of judgement and morals by your opinions. Whoever you support, support them, but don’t give me unsolicited opinions, because I could really care less, I’m just here to do my job lady. But, thank you Trump, for giving your supporters the courage to be openly racist. I love seeing people for who they truly are.



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