7 Powerful Affirmations For Black Millennials

7 Powerful Affirmations For Black Millennials

By: Omar Cook

Powerful affirmations are necessary for a healthy mindset and in this day and age, black millennials need positive reinforcement! Daily positive affirmations can help propel you into a positive state of thinking which can be a key factor in your success and happiness! Here are 7 powerful affirmations for black millennials that will help you have the right state of mind!

1. I can face whatever obstacle that comes my way

African American people by design have to jump through more hoops than others. But that’s okay, God didn’t give you more than you can handle! Take a positive approach to every situation and and take every adverse situation head on! There is nothing too big for you to handle!

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2. My Black is beautiful 

Whatever shade of melanin you are, you are top notch! Never let anyone tell you different. You are a king, a goddess, and your skin holds power that your ancestors passed down to you! Embrace your skin and live in royalty, the way you were meant to live!

3. I am better than I was yesterday

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes! One of your everyday goals should be aiming to be better than you were yesterday! Don’t make the same mistakes twice and learn from every situation. Success is guaranteed if you do things just a little bit better each day! What can you switch up in your routine and what do you need to cut out to propel you forward?

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4. I will not let society dictate who I am

Society has tried to engrain into the minds of American people, that black people are inferior, but guess what? That’s fake news!  No fake stereotype should ever dictate who you truly are as a person! Your greatness will overshadow every naysayer and every negative comment meant to drag you down! You are not inferior so don’t let the lies of this country bring you down! Walk in power and confidence!

5. I am here for a reason

That’s right, you are here for a reason! You were born where you born at that exact location and time for a reason. You were born to the parents you have for a reason. You were born in the skin you walk in for a reason! You were born in this very time frame in history for a reason! Focus on finding your purpose in life, and live out who God called you to be! Do not go through this life waiting for something to happen! Making a difference in the world is your calling, so use the gifts and talents God gave you and start making positive changes today! Your time is now.

6. I will live life to the fullest

You can live everyday to the fullest while still working towards your goals! Do not be so consumed by work every minute of the day that you lose sight of living the best life possible! Happiness comes from daily life experiences. Do not miss out on true happiness by working yourself to death. Grind with a purpose, but prioritize time for yourself over anything!

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7. I am unstoppable if I set my mind to it

Being unstoppable is a mindset! Set your mind on things above your expectations, and believe you are a conqueror! The sooner you believe this, the sooner the doors to your dreams will open up! One success leads to another, and putting together a string of successes will give you all the confidence you need to take over the world. You are what you think, and if you believe you are anything less than unstoppable, you will be just that! Your mind will defeat you before anyone else. Take control of your mind and watch the world unfold in front of you!

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