Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know

Who's Hot? 7 New Artists You Need To Know

We're giving you a list of 7 of the hottest new artists that may be flying under your radar! These are artists who are ready to change the landscape of hip hop and let their talents fly! Check them out here!

1. Sonta Me'Shay

What motivates me is God, my Mom, my Family, My Team, those who believe in me & those who don’t. I define success as true peace, inside and out.
Sonta Me'Shay

Sonta Me'Shay is a versatile hip hop artist from Chicago who can sing and put together an edgy rap verse! This rising artist is apart of Machine Group Entertainment which features artists such as G Herbo, Tink and many others! Sonta has had great success on youtube with some of her songs You Ain't Shit, Final Goodbye, Friends, AndWord To My Ex, all gathering millions of views! Sonta is definitely an artist to keep your eye on in 2018! 

Check out her music below!

2. Lona

I just let the music speak for itself. I’m a man of few words by choice and I consider myself versatile when it comes to music so I just make whatever I feel at the time. My new project is definitely for driving, late nights, thinking, friends and relationships though. It’s a time piece of where I’m at right now, something people can live to.
Lona - New Music

This is definitely a name you need to keep your eye on. At just 21, he has a dope collection of music but he is best known for his songs "Have U", "Let U Tell It", and "Real Luv". This is a talented hip hop artist who brings relatable music as well as a sense of realness to his lyrics. Lona gives off Kid Cudi vibes as he's able to switch between a relaxing melody tone and real rap! Expect to be hearing his name more in the near future!

Check out his music below!

3. Antoine Banks

I use the word “relatable” a lot. I enjoy telling stories, I enjoy when people listen to my music and feel like I’m speaking about their personal life experiences or even their life in general.
Antoine Banks - Music Artist

Antoine Banks is one of those rappers who you're going to want to say, "I knew about him before the hype!" With a lot of rappers resorting to commercial rap and mumble rap, this dude stays true to the game! This artist out of Odessa, Texas brings a real feel to his music which is truly relatable to our generation. His flow and lyrics is what makes him stand out from the crowd to deliver true authentic hip hop! 

Check out his music below!

4. Lijah Turner

This is real feel hip hop! Honestly that trap music, autotune mumble rap bullshit don’t come out my mouth.
Lijah Turner - Music Artist

There aren't many rappers out there that make music that stays true to themselves and retain their own creativity throughout their music, but this is one of those artists who keeps it real in every song! Real rap is still alive, and this west coast artist is making sure that people understand what that is! Lijah Turner is severely underrated but his talents won't be hidden for long. Turner brings raw content to his lyrics and makes music for fans who can truly appreciate his authenticity. 

Check out his music below!

5. WAASIKeso

I would describe our music as real and relatable because we are vulnerable with things such as relationships, depression, our personality and what we think. One song might feel like a nighttime ride by yourself, the next might feel like a summer day drive to the get some food with the homies. We try to capture different with every song.
— WAASIShade
WAASIKeso - Rap Group

WAASIKeso is the modern day Eric B and Rakim. This duo out of Florida is exactly what hip hop needs. The duo of WAASIShade and WAASIKeso compliment each other perfectly and they will not be a secret for too much longer. Running through their playlist, it's hard to find a song that makes you want to press skip. Real hip hop, real lyrics, and real authenticity is what this duo brings to the table and the flow in which they deliver their content is unmatched.

Check out their music below!

6. Laolu

I just love creating and being around others who have genuine love for the art of music, nothing beats being around musicians and just seeing the enjoyment on their faces. The love of music motivates me and overcoming depression and making music again.
Laolu - London Music Artist

The U.K. has bevy of talented artists, and this singer out of London is another product of a growing hip hop presence in England! Laolu puts her truths in her music, and brings realness to each song. This artist has a voice that will have you sit down and play all of her music on repeat. Laolu has openly talked about battling through depression and her own personal battle has sparked creativity in her music, and this is definitely music that many people can relate to.

Check out her music below!

7. Nomi Sutton

Knowing that I can do everything through Christ gives me a faith that constantly motivates me to keep pushing towards my passion. My mom is also someone who told me from the beginning to pursue my passion for singing. I also want her to have everything she wants so if it takes me there that would be such a blessing to have the opportunity to bless her and others.
Nomi Sutton - Music Artist

Nomi Sutton brings her own original sound to her music, matched with a voice that can make ou close your eyes and create your own visual. Nomi is a fairly new artist of Texas and is still growing her music catalogue but the music she has put out will make you want to keep an eye out for her next releases. Nomi's music is laid back and relaxing, music that is perfect for summer vibes!

Check out her music below!


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