50 Cent Refuses To Let Ja Rule Off The Hook: ''Don't Nobody Want to See That Sh*t"

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50 Cent Refuses To Let Ja Rule Off The Hook: ''Don't Nobody Want to See That Sh*t"
Only 10 tickets sold don’t nobody want to see that shit
— 50 Cent

By: Omar Cook

Rap beefs are inevitable in hip hop and have been going on since hip hop first started, but there are few that just keep going for years and years. 50 Cent and Ja Rule have been beefing for almost 20 years. 20 whole years. Some of ya'll were babies when 50 cent first released "Life's on the Line," from his debut studio album Power of the Dollar which was an outright diss to Ja Rule and the Murder Inc label. It’s 2018 and 50 Cent still refuses to stall Ja Rule out.

Ja Rule tweeted Friday that he had to cancel his show in Syracuse due to a delayed flight and 50 Cent took this as an opportunity to exhibit his professional pettiness. 50 Cent has never been hesitant to talk reckless via social media, and he certainly takes no precautions when it comes to his New York rival Ja Rule.


Ja Rule posted a sincere apology to his fans but anytime something happens with Ja Rule, 50 takes it as his time to shine. 20 years of beefing from 2 of New York’s most famous rappers and it doesn’t to be cooling down anytime soon. Ja Rule responded to 50 via instagram comment.

Things also get chippy earlier this year after 50 Cent took a few shots at Ja Rule during an interview in January and Ja Rule took to twitter to air out his issue with 50 continuing to talk bad about him.


As entertaining as it is to see how these dudes respond to each other, after nearly 2 decades, it might just be time to come to some kind of truce. Both of these artists have been on the opposite sides of success in recent years, but two successful black men nonetheless. No one’s benefiting from this beef at this point.



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