5 Tips To Having A Better, Healthier Relationship

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5 Tips To Having A Better, Healthier Relationship

By: Ashley Jenkins

As we all know relationships aren’t perfect, but believe it or not, they’re damn sure worth it for that right person. Don’t get me wrong If the relationship is draining, let it go; however, if you’re working to overcome little petty things then these tips should steer you in the right direction.


This is the number one key that can make or break a relationship. Now, before you do anything further, let this word marinate in your mind…“communication”, what does that mean? It’s two civil adults having a conversation about how they feel about you and the things that you do. Hint, that I said having a conversation, not yelling or having a screaming match with each other. No, a mellow and civil conversation. When communicating you come to a common ground, and you listen to what both of you have to say. It’s okay to be emotional while this is happening but don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Just work out the kinks, and issues, no matter if it takes all night.


In my opinion, assuming is pointless, for one you shouldn’t be so quick to think the worst about your partner, and if you are then he or she may not be the one for you. Assuming is one of the major reasons for relationships not lasting now a days. Instead of you asking your partner straight up, you choose to assume and make a big deal out of nothing, when in all actuality it was nothing to begin with. You drove yourself crazy filling your head with negative thoughts about what your partner could be doing but isn’t really doing. Save yourself the headache and being called a crazy person and keep positive thoughts, and trust your gut. Don’t overthink it into something that it’s not, because you’re causing problems that aren’t even there.


If you lack trust in your partner, then you really need to air some things out with your partner, because having no trust in your significant other is a red flag in any relationship. For example, if your spouse goes out with their friends, you must be confident enough and trust that your partner is going to respect your relationship. Blowing up their phone constantly all night just to keep tabs on their every move is very irritating, this means you don’t trust them, which will lead to arguing about it, and probably breaking up. Don’t get me wrong it’s ok to check in occasionally to see how the nights going, but constant texts are a no! Having trust is a big foundation for any relationship, this shows your partner that you believe in them to not disrespect your relationship.


Honesty, and I cannot stress this enough, will build your relationship very strong. This means that you both don’t have anything to hide from each other, everything is on the table with you both. This is another essential foundation and step to working towards a healthier relationship. Absolutely nothing can come between you two when you both have nothing to lie about or hide from each other. This lets your partner feel secure about what you both have together and the relationship. No matter what you must tell your spouse big or small, it’s better to lay it all out there rather than to have it come back and bite you in the ass.

Taking Interest

This is more on the romance side of growing in your relationship. Take interest in one another and do things together that one another likes to do. Find a common interest as well, and invest not only in yourself but your partner and your relationship. This will show your partner that you value what they value and care about what interests them. I mean sure not everything your partner likes you must like, but it’s the thought that you’re willing to sacrifice your time into spending time enjoying what they like to do. It may be small to you, but big to your significant other, because your time and effort is being invested into them.