4 Female Rappers That Should Be On Your Radar!

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By Deveney Marshall

Hip-Hop has always been a genre of music that’s been about raw expression and passion. First making its’ debut to the world in the mid-1970s, it combined the elements of street knowledge, street fashion, beatboxing and of course boisterous rhythmic chanting known as rapping . Hip-Hop artists use the 16 bars that rap verses usually are to tell the stories of oppression and social injustices that specifically affected marginalized people.

I was first introduced to hip-hop as a young girl by my dad, and it has remained one of my favorite genres of music until now. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to a hip-hop track. There is nothing like the therapeutic vibes it provides. If you ask any real hip-hop fan they will be able to tell you how it has acted as a savior for them, often helping to express sentiments they didn’t even know they felt. Whether I am feeling explicit or ebullient, there is a song that exists within the genre to parallel that.

Through the years, hip-hop has transitioned from vulgar story-telling to “club music,” often being watered down by “artists” that truly don’t understand the true essence of the genre. However, there are a few musicians that make in their missions to remain faithful to what real hip-hop is. Below I have decided to highlight 4 women that are bringing real artistry to this male-dominated genre. They are all unapologetic, beyond talented, and sure to be household names in the hip-hop industry very soon. Be sure to view the list now!

Nitty Scott

#1. Nitty Scott

Nitty Scott is an Afro-Latina rapper by way of Brooklyn. On her latest project Creature , she tells the narrative of what it’s like to be a queer black woman in today’s society. True to her Afro-Borinquen heritage, her music is heavily influenced by the essence of her roots. Scott’s sound is often filled with tribal drums, African-style chanting and lyrics that assert the importance of women’s liberation.

“For Sarah Baartman” x Nitty Scott

Azealia Banks

#2. Azealia Banks

Originally from Harlem, Azealia Banks is not a name that is necessarily new to the rap game. In fact, most people have heard of her and even acknowledged she’s talented. However, after she made some mistakes, people stopped checking for her and her music. Well some years have gone by, (some) growth has been made, and Ms. Banks is making her epic return to show the world why they fell in love with her in the first place. Banks sound is very old-school Harlem, often paying homage to the underground drag queens scene. Her fusion of hardcore rapping and 80s-style singing are architected to perfection.


“The Big Big Beat” x Azealia Banks

Lizzo Music

#3. Lizzo

Lizzo is a body-positive and bodacious rapper that hails from Houston, TX. Lizzo makes it very clear she unapologetically loves herself and every ounce of what she stands for is reflected in her music. Her lyrics are often filled with the sentiments of embracing your true-self and challenging the status-quo. Lizzo’s sound is just as gallant as her verses, and is very reminiscent of the 60s soul era.

“Truth Hurts” x Lizzo

Noname Music

#4. Noname

Noname Gypsy, now simply known as, Noname is a spoken word artist turned rapper from Chicago. What I love most about her music is how she makes such bold political statements over almost majestic beats, creating the perfect balance to her incredibly heavy lyrics. If peace had a sound it would be Noname’s music, the airy vibe of her instrumentals puts you in a trance-like state and is guaranteed to distress your entire life.

“Sunny Duet” x Noname ft. TheMIND

I hope you all enjoyed the list! Don’t forget who told you about them first. Xo,
Deveney M.

*Deveney Marshall is a New Orleans-based filmmaker, actress, and freelance writer. She owns the lifestyle & beauty website thedevandthecity.com . Follow her on twitter and IG: @devandthecity