Who's Hot: 3 East Coast Artists On The Rise

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Who's Hot: 3 East Coast Artists On The Rise

By: Tasha Hough

We celebrated Black Music Appreciation Month during the month of June, but let’s keep it going by briefly highlighting a few hard working artists who are truly dope in their own right, and deserve all the shine that’s coming their way. It’s important to continue to support and give people their flowers while they can still receive them. Here are 3 East Coast artists that are on the rise that you should know about!

1. Terry Mak

Starting this off with Jersey originated Terry Mak; a soulful, eclectic, rapper/singer & curator of vibes. The latest release from him is, “Chanel No.5 (Stuck On You)" with Kai Young. Instantly this song brings a nice summer, warm and wanting love kind of feel. Makes me want to pull up on my boo honestly lol. On his project “I Mean Well”, I feel compelled to go on a long drive and let the music take me to my destination.

What grabs my attention the most by Terry is that he is doing his own thing, and doing it freely! He keeps creating his own mold which always ensures originality with his own sound on everything he releases. His aura, fashion, music, and presence are all in sync and I love that he does it all with confidence. His uniqueness is very rare in this day and age. His vibes are just as genuine in person. I can tell he has a great sense of self which provides an assuredness that you're sure to see in his work.

Already receiving love from all over the nation, I know for sure Terry will gain all sorts of momentum worldwide just from simply doing what he’s doing. Keep up with him for upcoming shows and new releases on his heat on social media @flyterrymak and of course find his music everywhere you stream music. https://fanlink.to/ChanNo5. Go check him out immediately!

2. Dom O Briggs

Next, we move on to Brooklyn based artist Dom O Briggs. Limitless is one of the most accurate descriptions of him. Though he’s been making music for years, I got put on to him recently with his song “King of RnB”. Heard that song once and became a fan right away. Listening to it instantly makes you feel… Sexy. I can’t really pinpoint it but the beat and flow of if it all just feels too good.

From listening to that, I definitely quickly went back to his music as late as “Litrell Sprewell” from 2017 where you can hear more of him rapping which made me more intrigued because it shows off his versatility. I love when artists aren’t boxed in for years with a repetitive or mundane sound. Wearing many hats (go cop one of his “Squadly” caps), Dom O Briggs is also hilarious & being a comedian is something he makes sure to highlight in his music as well. Some of his bars will literally make you laugh while making you think and I find that keeps me extremely interested in hearing the next line.

He’s consistent with his releases, so whether it’s a fun remix to a theme show on ig, music, or him performing his hilarious sets during stand up, he is someone to keep on your radar. Go listen to him wherever you stream music https://linktr.ee/chancletapapi_ & follow him now on Instagram and Twitter @Chancletapapi_ make sure you show him love!

3. NickyClvlnd

Last but certainly not least, we move on to Ohio native, NickyClvlnd. He is definitely an artist to keep a close eye on. Delivering an array of sounds, tapping into his creativity further, you really never know what’s coming next from him; except that it will for sure be heat. He doesn’t offer fluff or hype with his music, which I appreciate because that just allows the talent to speak clearly for itself. No gimmicks. Just straight, raw talent whenever he drops.

NickyClvlnd isn’t the kind of artist where it will be the same sound, or the same song repeatedly, while saying absolutely nothing continuously for minutes.No. If you like actual rapping, with actual bars, actual flow with constant entendres, he is who you should be listening to RIGHT NOW. You honestly won’t know if the next song will be him singing, rapping or if you’ll be turnt. On his latest release, “Jokes On You”, available on SoundCloud, he switched up his flow quite a bit. Definitely more on the turnt side which as a fan I was impressed with.

Not too many artist can switch up their sound completely and still make it dope without sounding forced yet he succeeds. Though it’s hard for me to choose my favorite song on this project , it might be “STFU” because he’s literally calmly telling certain people to stfu lmao. I guess that’s what happens when you bother someone as chill & collected as NickyClvlnd. On “Memory Lane”, available wherever you stream music, it’s just 1000 dope bars over different dope beats.

He shows a more open, and vulnerable side to him through the lyrics. He’s not really an “in your face” kind of artist, the mystique approach he has allows you to realize that It’s not just music, it’s an experience if you just listen closely. Despite his social media handles being @LeaveNickyAlone make sure you follow him on ig & twitter as well as click https://linktr.ee/NickyClvlnd  to stay up to date with everything he's working on.

Thanks for reading, checking out these artist & be sure to stream upcoming, new, indie artist music daily. 

"Support is free" - @lekurokami 

-Tasha H @tashatalks_alot



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