10 Years Ago Drake Dropped His Classic Mixtape "So Far Gone"

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10 Years Ago Drake Dropped His Classic Mixtape "So Far Gone"

By: Omar Cook

10 years ago today dropped his classic mixtape So Far Gone! This was Drake’s third official mixtape after Room For Improvement and Comeback Season. It’s crazy the amount of growth and success we’ve seen from Drake over the years, and it’s inspiring. I can remember watching Drake on Degrassi, then “Replacement Girl” with Trey Songz dropped and I was damn, Jimmy rapping now? Jimmy was just who he was at the time, but Drizzy has evolved into a straight hitmaker who seems to be shooting 100 percent from the field. Just about every project has been solid, and So Far Gone is debatably one of his best projects.

It’s hard to even choose a favorite track from this project as this is one those rare mixtapes where you can listen all the way through, no skips. Drake has switched up his flow delivery over the years but still has managed to stay atop of the music charts by evolving with the times, but this tape is classic Drizzy and gives you nostalgia. It’s almost hard to believe it’s been 10 years since this tape dropped, I can even remember when it dropped because I had it on repeat. I was senior in high school when this came out and “Brand New”, “Ignant Shit”, and “Best I Ever Had” saw about 10 plays respectively a day from me. The vibes on this tape were unreal and “Brias Interlude” and “A Night Off’ took this tape to the next level with the R&B feels.

Who really knew that Drake would blow up to be one of the biggest artists in the world, but he stamped himself with this mixtape and showed that his talent went way farther than acting. Check out the tape below and comment what your favorite track from this classic mixtape was.



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